Someday vs. Right Away: Outerwear

Someday vs. Right Away: Outerwear

I’m having a sewing moment in Someday vs. Right Away today, because what’s feeling out of reach right now is outerwear. Specifically, the Cascade Duffle Coat by my friend Jen Beeman over at Grainline Studio. Jen released this pattern last winter and my jaw dropped. Rendered in grey or army green (maybe with a fur-trimmed hood!), it’s truly my dream coat. And developing the skills to make my own seems like a goal worth setting. Meanwhile, I might have to try my hand at Jen’s newly released Tamarack Jacket (quilty goodness) or Seamwork’s Camden cape. I even have a piece of wool that would work nicely for either one. Do I dare?

(Dear Seamwork: Please, please, please make copy-shop versions of your patterns. I would have bought several by now … Love, Karen) [EDIT: apparently they do! It’s just not clear on the product pages. Woohoo!]


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  1. Seamwork does offer copy shop versions of their patterns, as far as I can tell – I just got three of them printed at a copy shop last week! They should have “wide” in the file names. Happy sewing!

    • Seriously?? There’s no indication of it — they all say something like “75 printable pages” under “download details” — so I took that to mean they don’t exist.

  2. Hmmm – I haven’t looked at all the Seamwork patterns, but the ones I have looked at do have copy shop versions. When you hit the download button there is a choice that has “wide” after the pattern name.

  3. Sorry for the repeat of Belle’s info, but you won’t see the wide option until you hit the download now button next to the download details.

  4. you could probably get something that is almost like the toggle coat you want…but I know what you mean, it is just gorgeous :0) The other ones are great also, I have never sewn with an online sewing pattern before, I tend to want to start right away and printing all those pages… too much :0( mari

  5. That duffle coat has your name all over it, Karen. And IMHO, it is not beyond your skill range (girl of the perfect placket), especially if you make it in a solid color. (I’m just making a plaid Archer, and it’s making my head spin a bit.) You have most assuredly inspired me to take on projects that might seem the longer road to hoe, but which fit into what I really want and need …. so…just sayin….;-)

    • That said, I do have the Tamarack pattern and intend to make it …. but probably as more of a Spring jacket.

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