The perfect tiny summer leftovers project

The perfect tiny summer leftovers project

I have the digital equivalent of a scratch pad I’ve been randomly dumping snippets, URLs and half-thoughts into for several years now, and last night as I was perusing it, I found a link to a 2013 post on my friend Anne Weil’s blog, Flax and Twine. (Did I even know Anne when I copied that URL into the page, I wonder? Or has it been there that long.) Anyway! It’s such a tiny but stunning project: hoop earrings wrapped in embroidery floss. Obviously it’s perfect for embroidery floss or sashiko thread, but I feel like you could also do a version with some of the finer yarn bits rolling around your home. Anne’s original post is a reference to the full DIY which appeared as a guest post on Creature Comforts. Seems like an especially fun little summer weekend alternative to a pile of yarn in your lap, if it’s sweltering where you are.

Speaking of Anne, she was working on her next book while we were together at Squam last year. It comes out in August and I can’t wait to get my hands on it: “Weaving Within Reach.” For more of Anne’s endless crafty gorgeousness, follow @flaxandtwine on Instagram.


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6 thoughts on “The perfect tiny summer leftovers project

  1. Love this idea!! I even have singles that would suddenly have a mate with this technique! I am thrilled to bits with this post!

  2. What fun! And I love the bit that says ‘remove hoop from ear before next step’!

  3. Which digital equivalent scratch pad do you use? I have been looking for a note app for awhile and nothing’s quite working. Anyway, very cool earrings!

  4. This is not strictly relevant, but I do notice that you usually use Amazon pages to link to books. That seems opposed to the ethos of this site, part of whose goal I take to be linking us more directly to the making of the objects we use. Why include the world’s largest retailer and a notably terrible employer in your supply chain? Instead, in most cases you could link directly to the publisher’s website, or the author’s.
    – a former indie bookseller

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