A short conundrum

A short conundrum

I got to spend a few hours yesterday working on the shorts of my Carolyn Pajamas and now find myself a tiny bit torn over them. They still need the elastic installed in the waistband plus the leg cuffs (and piping) added, and I’m already pretty in love with them — as a garment and a piece of sewing. They’re incredibly nice looking in this navy linen, very likely even street-worthy. The concern is, they fit me perfectly. As in, the way a beautifully tailored pair of pants would fit. But these are loungewear, and I’d rather they were, y’know, roomier. Slouchier. Comfy.

I have PLENTY of this fabric to cut a bigger pair (and the top to go with them), so I’m debating whether to set these aside, start over, and finish these some other time when I’ve found another booty for them to adorn, or spend the time it’ll take to go ahead and finish them on the chance I wind up thinking they’re just fine and dandy. As usual, typing this out has given me the answer: I’ve also been debating the piping — I’m thinking of flat piping (no cord) in black linen for subtle contrast, but I’m not 100% sure about either part of that. So I’ll go ahead and try it on these and see what I think! That’s actually perfect.


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17 thoughts on “A short conundrum

  1. How about finishing them for street worthy shorts no piping and making a pair for lounging.

  2. Isn’t it funny how explaining a problem to someone often triggers the solution? Using this set to hammer out the design details makes perfect sense.

  3. Would you consider finishing these to wear as “street shorts” and cut a second pair in a bigger size and from fabric with more drape (comfy!)? Have fun and good luck!

    • I’m loving the linen and look forward to lounging in it, but definitely have enough fabric to have it both ways if that’s how it works out.

  4. They look great! Perhaps the limen fabric mens they’ll ‘grow’ with wear a little and become more lounge-y al Bey thsmselves?

  5. The linen should relax quite a bit once its been worn, its worth finishing them as you want them to be.

  6. Just went to the pattern – pants and shorts both look kinda fitted on the model. I find these kind of things are easily overthought (by me), but I’d be wondering how to get more comfy without too much bunchiness at the waist. Your toddlers gives you a known pattern (and maybe Lakeside?) to compare other sizes and crotch seams to in order to guess just how much to add and where to add it. At least you know this pair will be wearable and cute!

    • They are quite low-waisted, or “hip slung,” which I like and which helps with the elastic/bunchiness concern. But the waistband and cuffs are why I didn’t just let out the side seams a bit — didn’t want to fuss with matching adjustments to all the other pieces.

      I am making those Lakeside bottoms at some point, too.

  7. If they are too short perhaps a linen contrast 3” border hem for day use shorts?

  8. “Very likely street-worthy” sounds like you should just finish them and see what happens! You’re so close, and you may find yourself with an unexpected summer staple :)

  9. My linen bottoms always “grow” with wear. I’m betting these will stretch to the perfect loungey size with about 10 minutes of sitting + wear. :)

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