Popular patterns and “late” starts for the Summer of Basics

Popular patterns and "late" starts for the Summer of Basics

Somehow it’s already the dead center of Summer of Basics and I’ve only barely begun! I’m not even to the end of the yoke on my sweater (so slow going for some reason) and haven’t so much as traced off the patterns for my other two intended projects. My house has been in total chaos due to a bathroom renovation that went on way longer than expected, but I’ve now reclaimed my sewing room (and my sanity) and I’m not the least bit concerned! There’s still plenty of time. Which obviously also means I don’t think it’s too late for you to join in, if you haven’t yet and are feeling the urge. There are still new plans posted to the #summerofbasics feed on a regular basis — so come on in, the water is lovely and we’re having a wonderful time.

Last year I did a big roundup of popular patterns, and we’re seeing a lot of the same ones this year, with good reason — lots of Odgen Camis, Willow Tanks, Kalle Shirtdresses and Cline pullovers in particular. So I thought I’d take a minute to note a couple of patterns that have come out in the meantime that are also proving popular and/or that you might like to consider:

TOP: Wiksten Kimono by Jenny Gordy is probably the most frequently recurring pattern in the feed, although I haven’t made a scientific study of it. The newly released pattern includes a variety of proportions, and it lends itself to fabrics for all seasons, so the possibilities are endless.

MIDDLE: Persephone Pants by Anna Allen are the classic super-high-waisted flares that have made a raging comeback in the past few years, also with a shorts option. Jenny Trousers and Overall by Closet Case Patterns are a super-cute overalls riff on the same style, also with pants and shorts options. And the more retro-stylin’ Lander Pants are showing up in all sorts of fantastic variations.

BOTTOM: Uniform Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge has been modified and updated from the original version, multiple varieties of which are showing up in the feed.

How’s your SoB going so far? Are you still mulling? Need more advice? Encouragement? We’re all here for you—

For more pattern suggestions, definitely check out this big roundup, as well as the #summerofbasics feed!


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20 thoughts on “Popular patterns and “late” starts for the Summer of Basics

  1. Love the Wiksten Kimono! It’s definitely on my to-make list.

    My summer of basics is going well so far. I finished my olive green, linen Myosotis dress and have worn it a ton already. I ended up swapping out my Yari jumpsuit for my improvised crochet raffia bag that I’ve crocheted and re-crocheted about 100 times so far, haha. Once I’ve finished the bag, I plan to make a Tello jacket in a blush pink linen (a bit brave for me, but I think I will love it!)

    I can’t wait to see your gansey, in particular. I think it’s going to be wonderful!

      • I second you on the Tello obsession…
        I wanted to make a Kelly Anorak as my third SOB piece, but the fabric I wanted is currently out of stock, so I am considering a Tello in some heavy cream twill (inspiration coming from The Chore Coat by Tradlands). Then I found this on IG : https://www.instagram.com/p/BkqMTv5BR3I/?taken-by=the_german_edge, and thought “wow I want exactly that ! And her blog post comes with a lot of informations about the size she chose and the modifications she made.

  2. My SoB has been inconsistent.

    Making time to actually work on anything has been unusually difficult this summer, and I had a few setbacks on the improv knitted tee: first, a good portion of the front panel became unraveled, then the yarn broke somewhere along the second striping repeat, then I completely forgot about increases near the top portion.

    And I’ve misplaced the upper for one of the espadrilles. How does that even happen?

    But I’m chugging along, like the Little Engine That Could. Maybe this’ll be my Summer of Basics and Into Autumn Because Yeesh.

    • Oh no! I hope the shoe top shows up soon! And that the sweater settles in. I washed my yoke-in-progress last night and can’t wait to get home and see how it’s drying.

      • Once everything with the front panel was fixed, I had to set the thing aside for a bit. Angry knitting is never a good thing.

        Which reminds me that I need to work on the waistband and drawstring for the running shorts I should’ve started first, since I actually need them right now, lol!

  3. Glad to know I’m not the only one running behind! I finished my first project (a Wiksten Kimono jacket, of course), but I have yet to tackle the Morgan Jeans that I want AND desperately need. Not to mention still swapping out choices for a third! Decisions decisions… thank goodness for August.

    • Morgan Jeans are such a huge boost! I almost wish I needed jeans. But I do think there’s a Wiksten Kimono somewhere in my future. Maybe a TN-winter outerwear approach.

  4. I’m making good progress on my Montparnasse Eco Cardi. Both fronts and both sleeves are done and blocked and I’m working on the back. Once that’s done the parts get assembled and stitches picked up for the collar/band/whatever. Yesterday I pick up 2 yards each of black, white, and gray cotton/spandex to make a trio of leggings because who doesn’t need more leggings? To me they’re the definition of “basics.” I’ve also got a couple Tunic no. 1 and a Dress no. 1 from 100 Acts of Sewing cut out and ready to be sewn because Sonya’s patterns have become my uniform.

  5. Any suggestions for finding 100% fine cotton canvas to sew the Persephone Pants?

    • I would ask the pattern designer — they usually have good suggestions for fabrics suitable for their patterns, especially in a case like that!

    • Stone Mountain Fabrics carries Tencel “canvas” that has good drape and might work for the Persephone pants. They also send swatches upon request. A linen blend and/or lightweight twill could probably work, too.

      Somewhere on Instagram, I saw a pair made of Robert Kaufman lightweight denim, around 6.5 or 7 oz. weight. They were pretty much pants perfection.

  6. Making steady progress here on my basics for yoga. I made the wise decision making my knitted item (some yoga socks) first. Last year I left my knitted garment until last and I just can’t knit in a hurry – the result being stress and not finishing for the deadline. About half-way through the hoodie now…. hope to share something about that soon.

  7. I wasn’t intending to participate, but I’ve just realized that I have been knitting with an eye towards basics this summer. I am currently swatching for a sweater that will hopefully work for breastfeeding and I’m going to try my hand at socks again.

    I stopped using Instagram so I suppose this post is kind of pointless, but I’m happy to knit along.

  8. Making slow but steady progress! I am still waffling on Bolan vs Gable for my 3rd piece but I’ve made my Ogden and my Flint shorts. I really needed the shorts since I don’t have any work-appropriate (non-pajama) shorts that fit my post-partum body. I feel like this gets at the heart of SoB—learning to sew for who I am NOW and invest in my current body rather than continually put off the things I need for another day, in case I get pregnant again, or in case my body changes again. It’s been 2 years since my baby was born. I think it was time. And examining my wardrobe for SoB really helped me with that and now I’m all over the trouser making plans!

  9. I have reached the stockinette tubes of boredom part of my top down sweater. Just trying to keep some momentum going. I figure I just need to do a dozen rows a day to have it done before autumn arrives.

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