Hot Tip: Take a selfie

Hot Tip: Take a selfie

Dianna Walla recently shared a great tip on her Instagram feed: Especially if she’s thinking of knitting with a color outside her closet comfort zone, she poses with the skein. Snapping a pic of the yarn held up to her face lets her see how she’ll look in that color and consider whether it’s really a shade she’s comfortable with and wants to wear.

For best results, stand near a window for natural sidelight — taking the pic under artificial lighting will throw off the tones of both your skin and the yarn.


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13 thoughts on “Hot Tip: Take a selfie

  1. I would add to that and take a picture under artificial light as well. I work in an office and spend most of my day under fluorescent lights! I know what they do to my complexion as well as my clothes…it’s not pretty…

  2. Excellent tip and so easy to do! I was very surprised to see how unflattering denim blue is on me despite how cool I think I look!
    And yellow may be my favorite color but doesn’t really flatter my face. I will still knit with those colors but will be adding a touch of the flattering closer to my face.
    Thanks for the eye opener!

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