New Favorites: A little something to knit

New Favorites: Graphique kerchief knitting pattern

You know I do love a little kerchief (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C) and plus — are you sitting down? — I’ve been struggling to knit lately. I can’t seem to attach to anything, and have been thinking what I need is a little something mindless and pocket-sized to have on the go.* Something quick but useful, that would give me that happy jolt of a finish, and BAM! along comes Graphique from Shibui. It’s nothing but a little stockinette square with concentric stripes, but I think if I were to knit it, I might stripe it more like that Joelle Hoverson scarf I’m always on about. In fact, I might just cast on tonight and see if I can score a little win before the yarn for my Summer of Basics sweater arrives.

I’m back from Squam, by the way — a day later than planned (hence the brief blog outage) and wildly behind on everything — so I’ll have my recap and outfit rundown for you soon.

*Of course, there’s always the Log Cabin Mitts but I seem to have stalled on my epic series for the moment. I have one pair that’s been awaiting thumbs since early March, and another pair in progress where I’m not happy with the yarn choices. So I’ve been reluctant to reach into that bag, as well!


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  1. I think sometimes there’s a natural summer knitting lag — I feel it too.

  2. You could do a set of log cabin mitts with the minimal stripe like you want to use in the scarf…so you have a matching set.

  3. I am so knackered that I couldn’t even cross the hall yesterday to say hi to you. I am going muster all the steam possible to make that epic journey today. Missing you!

  4. I’ve swatched and am poised to calculate the stitch counts for an indigo Shetland sweater vest for my sweet husband – but am really wanting summer knitting! So: last week I cast on a pair of socks in a cotton/wool/nylon blend that will be lovely to wear on cool summer evenings. Ah, compromise. :)

  5. Summer is a great knitting time for me, as I work at a university and I’m off now. I made a baby bonnet for a friend’s shower, a pair of Hyacinthus arm warmers for another friend’s birthday (I love these, I’ve made about 5 pair so far, for me and for gifts) and now I’m blasting ahead on my Purl Soho cardigan that I am re-making.–vest. I made the whole sweater once out of a gorgeous navy alpaca I bought, but being kind of a newbie I didn’t know alpaca is so drapey so when I finally wore it, it “grew” so much I ended up frogging the whole thing. Now I’m making it again, this time adding in a very thin cotton yarn for stability. The downside to this one is that it’s knit all one piece, and in our 102º weather it’s not so comfortable knitting with most of a sweater laying in your lap!
    I love the little kerchiefs…those would make nice Christmas gifts…I might need to buy some linen or silk yarn…

  6. My knitting mojo has fled too. I tried to jolt it back tonight by almost finishing the second sleeve of the Montparnasse Cardigan that I’m hoping to finish for Summer of Basics… Don’t get excited, the sleeves aren’t the end. I started with the sleeves to have some rapid gratification, but I’ve got a couple Shirt no. 1s in the pipeline for the other two Basics. Those will get cut out just as soon as I finish the Dress no. 2 I started last week–or was that the week before?

  7. being a scarf person, and most often cold, i love your exhibits A and B. and also the great idea of a mini (lite weight) wool kerchief for summer nights! it’s a necessity in Mediterranean climates…

  8. Swoon ! the perfect stashbusting project, turns out I have sportweight leftovers in black and white in my stash. Why are you doing this? I’m having a hell of a time trying to decide on my next project among four striped patterns, and you just added one. ;-)

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