What to do when you can’t (or won’t) “get gauge”

What to do when you can't (or won't) "get gauge"

When I asked about your all-time favorite posts, lisakoby said: “I have the post regarding swatching to get the fabric you like and using the gauge to adjust the fit bookmarked and I refer to it every time I swatch for a new pattern. Every single time. It has been invaluable in my knitting life.” That makes me so happy! I do find this to be a really important lesson for sweater knitters to learn, since often you simply cannot match both the pattern writer’s stitch and row gauge, so then what? It’s pretty critical to know how to think through the implications of knitting at a different gauge and making adjustments as needed — and it’s not even hard! So today that’s the post I’d love for you to read: How to account for gauge differences.

p.s. That post was tied to the knitalong for my Anna Vest, and I’ve had several people recently asking about that one. I’m aiming to get it published as a standalone pattern this fall!

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11 thoughts on “What to do when you can’t (or won’t) “get gauge”

  1. It’s so funny that you should be linking to the gauge post this morning, since I knit my Anna swatch(es) over the weekend. I was going to try to find your post, because I like it so much, but now I don’t even have to go looking for it! Thank you! I dropped down two needle sizes and got an almost perfect gauge, so I will go with that, but also want to reread that post.
    Sorry your flight got cancelled, but staying an extra day at RDC really isn’t much of a hardship. I’ve enjoyed watching your IG posts……thank you! (I hope the change in flights won’t cause problems with your Portugal trip.)

  2. Yes–it seems that aside from this post, you bring up the gauge thing quite a bit, esp. when talking about your own knitting, which has really drilled it into my head. For sure, I doubt I’d even ever bother about row gauge if it weren’t for you–well, maybe after I’d produced a few ill-sized garments under otherwise mysterious circumstances!

  3. Since I knit ‘close’, I always have to adjust gauge. At first it was a nightmare to do all that math. Since creating my Excel ‘Change Gauge’ sheet, all I have to do is plug in the original pattern information and Excel does the rest for me. I still swatch to make certain I am on track… and measure my knit fabric often just to make certain pieces will be correct when completed. Works like a CHARM!!!

    AWESOME that your Anna Vest will be a standalone pattern. Thank you for that!

    Hope your plane connection IS NOT A PROBLEM!!! Have a WONDERFUL time!!!

  4. Hi Karen, thanks for taking me back to your post on gauge. I have a yarn substitution question – do you change gauge if you are substituting a superwash wool? If so how do you go about it? Thanks for your help.

  5. Hooray, for a stand-alone Anna vest—I’ve loved this design for a long-time and couldn’t get my hands on the book. Something to look forward to, in the Fall. Also, thanks for a head-up on the post about gauge. I’m definitely going to check that out.

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