Elsewhere: Overlapping make-alongs

Elsewhere: Overlapping make-alongs

I’m thrilled to see so many people already diving into the Summer of Basics makealong — our leisurely 3-garments-in-3-months challenge — but the world is fully of -alongs, and some of them might either inspire ideas for what your 3 garments could be, as well as affording you the chance to double- or triple-dip in the Instagram hashtags — more chances to make more friends! Here are a few I’m aware of. Feel free to chime in with others—

Making and Grainline are hosting a makealong of the cardigan and tunic patterns that comprise their Uniform book, which would give you 2 of your 3 right there. This one officially ends June 26th. (photos, top)
Details / #uniformmakealong

… is a very straightforward challenge — crochet one thing this summer — with a mighty panel of prize jurors. This one has the same exact timeframe: June through August. Will one of your 3 SoB garments be crocheted? Think about it! (image, above)
Details / #crochetsummer2018

Shannon Cook’s annual summer sweater kal will run the full month of August this year, so if you save a SoB sweater for that month, you could enter it in her contest as well. Watch Shannon’s site for details.

To participate in Summer of Basics, just use the #summerofbasics hashtag on your posts! Remember your account has to be public in order for everyone to be able to see your contributions, so if you normally post from a private account, you might want to make a separate public one for makelongs and such.


UNRELATED: We’ll have our little Fringe Supply Co. table at the Squam Art Fair tomorrow night, laden with some very big sneak peeks of upcoming goods. If you’re in the vicinity of Squam Lake, get thee to the fair! For more details on the unveils, see @fringesupplyco. And if you’re not in the vicinity, never fear: everything will be online later this month!

Happy weekending to you!


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  1. I wasn’t sure to join the Summer of Basics this year, but I might still try it. My theme for this summer: stripes. I have a lot of great cotton in my stash, so this is going to be a cotton stripes summer.
    All might be from the latest Pompom, which will enable me to participate in the Pompom Summer KAL as well. ;-)

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