Introduction to sweater knitting: Construction types and starter patterns

Introduction to sweater knitting: Construction types and starter patterns

If there’s one past post — or set of posts — that I believe to be endlessly useful and also of particular relevance at the moment, it’s Pullovers for first-timers: Or, an introduction to sweater construction and its lesser-known sequel, Cardigans for first-timers: Or, how button bands work. As we head into Summer of Basics, I hope to see a lot of people knitting their first sweater, and so I offer you these bits of guidance in choosing where to start. But whether you’re participating in SoB, maybe just thinking about getting started at some point the future, or have knitted a sweater before but want to gain a better understanding of the different sweater construction methods/types and their respective pros and cons, give these posts a read. And of course, they’re also chock full of pattern recommendations of every variety!

PICTURED ABOVE clockwise from top left:
Basic Round-Yoke Unisex Pullover by Hanha Fettig: top-down circular yoke
Sweatshirt Sweater by Purl Soho: bottom-up seamless raglan
Dwell by Martin Storey: fully seamed, set-in sleeves, sewn-on bands
• Casco Bay Cardi by Carrie Bostick Hoge: seamless, bandless, collarless


7 thoughts on “Introduction to sweater knitting: Construction types and starter patterns

  1. Thanks for reminding me how much I love Hannah’s perfectly classic yet ultra-chic Basic Round-Yoke pullover. I’d almost forgotten that Knitbot Yoked is in my library. So, if you’ll excuse me I must go see if I’ve got any suitable worsted-weight yarn in the ol’ stasharoo. Carrie’s Casco Bay is also a long-time favourite. Again with the super-chic! Seeing it here reminds me to bump it back to the top of the queue where it belongs. :)

  2. I just invested in several skeins of Le Petit Lambswool, the light fingering yarn from Biches et Buches. My plan is to turn it into a sort of classic crew neck cardigan, something like a twinset–so, moderately fitted, plain stockinette and a high neckline. I’m trying to find a pattern that would work with this yarn, but haven’t had any luck. I’ll probably dive back into your Improv pattern, which worked great for me before, but I could use the inspiration from seeing other designs. Do you happen to have any recommendations?

    • Ann Budd’s book, “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns,” is a great resource for this. In addition to several designs in all the standard pullover and cardigan construction methods, she includes directions for all yarn and knitting gauges, as well as instructions on modifying if you want to change a crewneck to a v-neck or a pullover to a cardi, etc.

      Of course, Ravelry’s also a great resource if you’re looking for ideas, and even better when knitters include notes in their project posts.

      • You might also check out Any Herzogs Custom Fit. You provide your measurements and your gauge…yes you must swatch… And using a library of basic patterns you get a pattern sized just forvyou. A lot of my friends swear by this.

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  4. wow! thanks for Karen and commenters for these resources!!
    i am certainly a beginner, when it comes to knitting…perhaps i will shortly be doing more than just sewing, or reading and enjoying others’ knitting projects! :)

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