Almost-perfect sweatshirt + Squam packing list

Almost-perfect sweatshirt + Squam packing list

This past weekend, I packed two totally different sets of clothes for two very different trips: Squam Art Workshops and Portugal. Pretty much all of my current favorite garments went into the Portugal pile (show you later), which left me combing through my remaining clothes looking for just the right few things that are A) reasonably presentable enough to teach in, B) appropriate for tromping around in the New Hampshire woods, and C) suitable for the cool, changeable, early-spring weather (as I sweat here in Nashville). And also, I seem to have entered some phase where each time I pack I’m in some kind of competition with myself to see how few things I can get away with! So, y’know, just a few complications there. But thankfully I left myself some very helpful notes after last year.

The Squam trip is just five days: travel there, teach, teach, playtime/art fair, travel home. (Although it feels so long and peaceful in those woods.) Having just watched On Golden Pond, which was filmed on Squam Lake, what I really wanted was to dress exactly like Katharine Hepburn in the movie — i.e., a daily diet of big button-down shirts over a jersey turtleneck and trousers.

In reality, there are two things going in both suitcases — my trusty old denim vest and my recently finished grey sweatshirt, above. It is perfect in every way but one: I cut the fabric the wrong direction. But it’s fine! And I’m looking forward to having it along for sleeping in, for knitting on the screened porch at night, and of course for those chilly mornings on the dock before class. It’s Grainline’s Linden Sweatshirt, and all I did was raise the neckline about an inch all the way around. The fit is utterly perfect, and I’ll definitely make it many more times over the course of my life.

So I’m takig 7 primary garments (outfit clothes) in my Squam suitcase:

Squam Art Workshops packing list

Black cardigan
– Denim vest (J.Crew, ancient)
– Chambray shirt (hand-me-down)
Black shell
Striped shell
– Clay wide-legs (Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Culotte, made in Nashville, sample sale 2017)
– Jeans (Imogene+Willie Willie, made in US, 2017)

(Lots of overlap with last year.) Plus for around the cabin: the sweatshirt, a tee, old cutoffs and my thick black leggings. And since apparently my good ol’ Chucks were the only shoes I wore last year, they’re the only shoes I’m taking this year — hopefully no rain. I’m tempted to throw in my black turtleneck, just in case.

Funny to think I’ll be seeing some of you in the dining hall tonight!


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17 thoughts on “Almost-perfect sweatshirt + Squam packing list

  1. Wearing my own Linden right now ! It’s so comfortable and the fit is perfect.
    When it comes to packing a suitcase, I always try to follow a simple rule which to pack one item of clothe per day (5 days of travel – pack five items, not including underwear, shoes, toiletries, and such). I believe I read about that in Lee’s blog Style Bee. It is not always convenient because of the weather or the activities, but it’s worth a try.
    So jealous you’re going to Lisbon, I love this town, the streets and hills and sea, the people, the food. If you want to come to Paris after, you’re very welcome ;-)

  2. Weird question but do you know what your leggings are? All the ones I find are either way too thin or they’re “workout” leggings and not too comfy

  3. Ahhhhh: Squam! Wish I could be there with you, but instead my family and I will be there for two weeks at the end of July: 1st week in Ondawa with our grands, 2nd week in Shelter ALONE! So much to look forward to: hiking, sailing, kayaking, swimming, picnics, services on Church Island, square dancing with the grands, and of course the calling of the loons.
    Have a wonderful time and post loads of pictures.

  4. Pack the turtleneck! I’m in NYC and it is coldish here..Squam will be cold!

  5. After a disastrous work trip where I only took one pair of brand-new shoes, and the heel fell off when it got caught on the accelorator of the rental car in the airport carpark – I ALWAYS take at least two pairs of shoes!

  6. Love the grey sweatshirt with the cream pants. I can totally see you in many more versions of this pattern, in all your favorite neutrals. Have a great time at Squam and in Portugal.

  7. Great minimalist packing list! As a fellow Art Fair vendor, my packing is something simple for the always sweaty, mad rush set up, then something cool and presentable for the evening itself. Your tops are inspiring me to get back to garment sewing.

  8. Hi Karen, Have a great time! One day I hope to attend Squam! I would encourage you to bring your turtleneck, or at least 1 long sleeve insulating layer. The weather here in the northeast is still unpredictably spring; rain/overcast when it’s supposed to be sunny and vice versa.

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