Q for You: What are your all-time favorites?

Q for You: What are your all-time favorite Fringe posts?

As I’ve previously alluded to, I have an uncommon amount of travel coming up in June. I’m teaching again at Squam Art Workshops (with an intimidatingly amazing cast of instructors!), which starts a week from tomorrow. And just a few days after I get back from those heavenly shores, I’m boarding a flight for Portugal, where I’ll be for 12 days doing all sorts of amazing yarn-related things with 8 yarn-loving friends, which I look forward to telling you about. That’s 17 days of big adventure (which I’m trying not to think of as 17 days away from my beloved!) and more blog posts than I can conceivably write in the days that I am home. I do have new posts lined up for several of those gone days and want to use the others to highlight some of the many worthwhile posts that are lying around in the archives when they could be of use to so many of you who didn’t see them the first time! So I’m hoping you’ll help me pick them, and that’s my Q for You today: What are the posts from this blog’s past that you have found the most helpful, informational, entertaining, inspiring … ? Could be a pattern, a tutorial or explainer, a wardrobe plan, a pattern roundup, a queue check or idea sketch, or whatever stands out in your mind that you got something useful out of.

If there are more suggestions than I have days for, the comments here will also serve as their own index of the good stuff for you to explore. Thank you in advance for weighing in!

And speaking of SQUAM! We’ll also have a Fringe Supply Co. table at the Squam Art Fair again on Saturday June 9th (open to the public), and we have some VERY SPECIAL goods we’re planning to bring. If all goes as planned, we’ll be previewing multiple new items that evening that won’t make it into the webshop for a few weeks after that. So if you’re in the area, definitely come to the fair!

Photos above are from a few of the all-time most popular posts: the Improv top-down tutorial, the Audrey hat pattern (photo by @toltyarnandwool) and “the mantastic cowl” (photo by @suskandbanoo)


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42 thoughts on “Q for You: What are your all-time favorites?

  1. I loved the first post with Daniel Day Lewis wearing a Gansay sweater and. All the posts that followed giving deeper thouhts and information about gansay sweaters

  2. I have the post regarding swatching to get the fabric you like and using the gauge to adjust the fit bookmarked and I refer to it every time I swatch for a new pattern. Every single time. It has been invaluable in my knitting life.

  3. I would like to see the article requested by lisakoby on swatching, gauge and fit. Bookmarking that one is a great idea.

  4. I’d like to see the post you did on reinforcing a raglan sleeve seam.

  5. Wow-so many great posts. What strikes me is you introduce an idea that blossoms-the gansey, the summer basics, the log cabin. I can always look forward to Friday Elsewhere that lights the spark even more. Thank you!

  6. There have been so many great posts! I think it might be worth showcasing the top-down raglan formula again. I think it’s useful, and might encourage strict pattern-followers to try something a bit more free-form regardless of whether they’re seeing the tutorial for the first time or revisiting it with a bit more grit!

      • I second the top-down raglan formula. Was that a shaped raglan? I cannot remember now. Hope it is!

        Enjoy your posts so much!

        Have a great time on your two trips.

  7. I really enjoy your pattern roundups. It is always good for new ideas. Usually, when I check Ravelry, I will see that your shoutout for a pattern helps it get to the “hot right now”.

  8. I’m thinking of braving jeans for summer of basics and I’d love all your jeans posts pulled together!!

  9. Our Tools, Ourselves!! I love the peeks into makers workspaces and the tools they use. I still remember how excited I was when you interviewed Jared Flood. :)

  10. It’s hard to choose, but in a pinch, I’d say the Improv posts and then the first post you wrote on Rosa Pomar, which introduced me to her site and that was inspiring enough that I actually went out and bought a set of needles and taught myself to knit.

  11. I don’t know that it was helpful in the same way as a tutorial – but I’ve seldom enjoyed any one’s blog post more than yours about your Paris trip.

  12. Hi Karen, I’m sure someone has suggested this but I think the series Katrina Rodabaugh did for slow fashion October or slow fashion citizen is great inspiration for summer of basics as well as make your own basics… just a thought, look forward to reading whatever you choose.

  13. The Morgan jeans. That was when I finally drummed up the courage to make my own jeans, and there’s no way I’m ever buying jeans again, especially since sewing jeans turns out be much easier than I expected. These babies fit like a dream!

  14. It’s so funny, I was just reading yesterday the article on Rosa Pomar, from Lisbon, in the latest Laine issue. Are you going to meet her ? Would love to know more about the Portuguese yarns.
    As for the favorite posts, oh my. I loved your Blog Crush series, I discovered great blogs thanks to you.

  15. Karen,
    Anything you have ever written about wardrobe inventory and planning has been instrumental to me. I also loved following your knitted sweatshirt journey. On a person al note

  16. Karen,
    Anything you have ever written about wardrobe inventory and planning has been instrumental to me. I also loved following your knitted sweatshirt journey. On a personal note, it was very special to your readers (me) when you shared your husband’s health crisis with us. It is important for me to keep the person in mind when interacting online. Does that make sense?
    Bottom line? I love your blog!!

  17. I like many things about your blog. I really like the fact that you do both knitting and sewing–as do I. And I really like your attention to your wardrobe as a whole. And Slo-Tober! That’s worth the price of admission right there!

  18. I enjoyed reading everything about your camel Channel cardigan, would love to see that post again.

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