New Favorites: Thea on a roll

New Favorites: Thea Colman knitting patterns

The lovely and talented Thea Colman seems to have really hit her stride lately. Witness these three recently released patterns:

TOP: Brennivin is a gorgeous and cozy cardigan with a narrow shawl collar (pictured unfolded) and just a little bit of non-lacy lace patterning up around the shoulders

BOTTOM LEFT: Oban Sweater is the pullover version of her Oban hat, with such a simple but highly effective stitch combination — even more effective spread out across a sweater

BOTTOM RIGHT: Water is a Flint MI fundraiser in the form of a hat pattern — a fabulous cable hat at that. All proceeds are going to help kids affected by the water crisis in Flint, via an initiative led by an 11-year-old — just go read about it! And there’s also a campaign afoot to actually knit hats for these kids; more on that in Thea’s Ravelry group.


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9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Thea on a roll

  1. Agree, she’s on a roll indeed. Every new pattern seems better than the previous one, if that is even possible. I’m eagerly waiting for my new issue of Laine. Love that magazine.

  2. Thea is one of my favorite designers. I’ve knit two of her patterns- Vodka lemonade and Dark and Stormy both are beautiful and full of those tiny details that really elevate a project. I love her combinations of classic shapes with thoughtful, modern stitch patterns. And, no matter what you want to knit, Thea has a take on it. Can you tell that I’m a big fan of hers?

  3. I love Thea Colman’s patterns. They are easy to read and knit though they look complex, come out to size and look as amazing when done as they do in the pattern photos. Big Fan here – and yeah! for the Flint Water Fundraisers and Thea’s support!

  4. I agree with Mary Jo – easy to follow patterns that fit the body so well. I’m relatively new to knitting and she was the first designer I have come across who actively encourages modification ( in her Shaken not Stirred pattern). I’m now on my second Vodka on the Rocks and the knitting is just blissful. When looking for a pattern she’s my go to girl!

  5. I had my next 3 sweaters all planned and the yarn purchased, and then I saw Oban. It’s the perfect sweater! Cozy and complex and easy all at the same time! I’ll be yarn-shopping this week!

  6. I purchased Water last week. It’s such a great cause and also a beautiful hat design. I too love Thea’s patterns, recently finishing Vodka Lemonade, though sadly, only the sweater and not the beverage. Oban has been tempting me as well. I hadn’t seen Brennivin until just now, but am also captivated by it! Decisions, decisions!
    Hope you had a happy holiday weekend and that your bathroom reno is coming along nicely.

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