New-again Favorites: Sweatshirt sweaters

New-again Favorites: Sweatshirt sweaters

The discussion of my sweatshirt vest (and its V-patch neck detail) sent me looking back through my favorites for sweater patterns I’ve seen and loved with similar sweatshirt-y details. Here are my all-time favorites:

TOP: Polwarth by Ysolda Teague is the one I had mentioned in my post, and reader Karen C. alerted me to the existence of Ysolda’s tutorial about the brioche V detail (from a top-down perspective)

ABOVE LEFT: Redford by Julie Hoover is an older gem I’d forgotten about, complete with side panels and really beautifully executed V-patch (perfectly unisex)

ABOVE RIGHT: Gable by Hannah Fettig turns the whole idiom upside-down

BELOW: Sweatshirt Sweater by Purl Soho is one of the more oft-mentioned patterns in the history of this blog, with the ol’ kangaroo pocket rather than the neck detail

New-again Favorites: Sweatshirt sweaters

p.s. Yesterday was A Day and I haven’t had a chance to read carefully through all of the amazing thoughts on moths, but I’m getting there!


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8 thoughts on “New-again Favorites: Sweatshirt sweaters

  1. I share you love of sweatshirt sweaters. A fave of mine is the one by Sally Melville in her 2003 book “The Purl Stitch”. Very clean lines, and the nicest hood I’ve ever seen. For years, I’ve lusted after this sweater, but have never got around to making it. Unfortunately, I cannot find any decent pics of it on Ravelry (apart from a few not-so-great project photos) or the internet ANYWHERE! How can this be? We are so accustomed to assuming everything is out there somewhere, but apparently this isn’t. If you have the book stashed away, do check it out.

  2. Isabell Kraemer Il Grande Favorito is my all time favorite. I’ve made so many variations of this sweatshirt sweater. It is a no fail pattern for me. Actually, I might need to cast on a new one for summer nights…

  3. I made Redford in BT Loft for my boyfriend and he’s gotten great wear from it. The endless stockinette went on for a while and I was a little nervous about joining the side panels, as it looked like I may have been a bit off with the measurements. But it all turned out fine. This is my second Julie Hoover sweater, the first being Kirwin for myself, and her precision is amazing. I was so surprised that all the fit and measurements were spot on. Will definitely go back to her designs for sweaters in the future.

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