New pouches + new policies! (Please read)

Fringe Supply leather stitch marker pouch, now in 3 colors!

I have some big little news for today from the land of beautiful tools: Our ever-popular triangle stitch marker pouch is now available in two more colors of leather! In addition to the original Natural, it also now comes in Sienna (tan) and Black! (I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been petting my neighbor’s chihuahua or what, but I just had the urge to add “That’s hot.” I have never said that in my life! But I mean, it is.) We’ve updated the antiqued-brass stud and some other fine details, and it still comes loaded with 12 stitch markers (10 brass, 2 nickel) and ships in a little muslin bag. Such a great gift — either for yourself or your favorite knitter. And of course, we also have the larger leather tool pouch (in Natural only) plus every size, variety and interchangeable part of the Lykke Driftwood needles, all over at Fringe Supply Co.! Plus so much more, obvs.

I hope you have a relaxing long weekend planned (for those of you in the US), as I do not! So please indulge a little extra on my behalf. Fortunately, everything I have on my plate is exciting, even if there is a an excess of it. LOL. Thanks for all the great conversation on all my summer wardrobe planning posts the past few days! I’ll see you back here next week—

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