FO Sightings: Süsk’s “mantastic” cowl

Hand knit cowl and hat, man style

I feel like the best thing I can do here is say as little as possible and just leave you alone while you stare at these photos.

(Or I could whisper for the few of you who want to listen a little while staring: Süsk and Banoo is a blog I should have known about a long time ago but only recently discovered by way of having shipped her a nice pile of Fringe Supply Co. goods — to Helsinki! — and then seen her nice blog post about it. She posted the top shot on Instagram the other day and then I saw that there were more on the blog. It’s the Purl Bee’s Lovely Ribbed Cowl knitted in some gorgeous charcoal wool, along with a matching improvised hat — a gift for her father, as modeled by her boyfriend. Husband? Whatever. Check the blog for the whole story.)


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28 thoughts on “FO Sightings: Süsk’s “mantastic” cowl

  1. Oh! Oh, my… Ok. Its been said in the posts above. As well as this: my yarn-loving husband would not only look great in this (if I do say so), he would LOVE this cowl. I really think he would. And there’s time…

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  6. Thank you so much for this great idea! I made one for my brother and it was so comfortable and warm as it goes up a bit over the face. My man also asked to get one so he’s next. I used a thinner yarn on circular knitting needles and it did take more time than expected but the result was worth it. So grateful to have gotten such a great pattern for free!:) /Anna

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