Someday vs. Right Away: Nordic delights

Someday vs Right Away: Nordic delights

If you’re among the millions of people who were doing something other than reading this blog on the day before Thanksgiving, you may have missed the first installment of Someday vs Right Away, wherein I distract myself (and you!) from all the amazing sweaters we don’t have time to knit by offering up smaller-scale substitutes. Today: the Nordic sweater. Specifically the lopapeysa, national sweater of Iceland. As utterly transfixed as I am by the geometric colorwork on this perfectly unisex gem of a lopi, I won’t be knitting Jón anytime soon. But there are mittens that hold some of the same attraction, despite being very, very different. I’m looking at Pamela Wynne’s geometric, fair-isle Vera Marguerite Mittens (lower left) and Veronik Avery’s Pinion mittens (lower right), which have a lot of the same graphic appeal as Jón, but aren’t stranded knitting. They’re knit sideways in garter-stitch intarsia, so there’s the added bonus of an interesting little construction project.


SIDE NOTE: For anyone in the Bay Area interested in shopping the Fringe Supply Co shelves in person, I’m planning an impromptu Open House for this Saturday afternoon, here in Berkeley. I’ll post full details tomorrow but wanted to give you a quick heads-up!


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17 thoughts on “Someday vs. Right Away: Nordic delights

  1. Those Pinion mitts are excellent! I wish I could come and shop in person! I hope it’s a great day for you.

  2. I really, really like these “Someday vs. Right Away” posts Karen! I suffer from the same “affliction” and love the inspirational (and very realistic) “Right Away” suggestions. Thank you! And I too wish I could attend the open house. I hope it is a fantastic, busy day for you.

  3. As usual, this post sent me off on an adventure through these designers’ patterns on Ravelry. GREAT way to start my day and enjoy my morning coffee! I agree: Someday VS Right Away is too fun!

  4. I think that the mittens are what Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting would call a “knitting snack.” The lopapeysa is definitely a full meal. Also, I liked reading this post just after finding the book Quick Nordic Knits at a local used bookstore. It’s different from a lot of pattern books. For one thing, it offers two versions of all the projects. One in sock weight (or so I assume from the gauges given) and another in doubled sock weight yarn.

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