Slade update + Fringe holiday open house!

Slade cardigan in progress

So I wanted to show you my (very little) Slade progress — lest you think I’ve left off knitting altogether — and as I was laying it out for this photo, I had the urge to put the second sleeve on top of the first just to illustrate a point. The point being: the power of blocking. Much of the difference between the blocked sleeve and the not-yet-blocked one is obvious, although what you can’t tell from the photo is the difference in the feel and drape of the fabric. But a funny thing happened on the way to this photo. See how the camera is picking up on brown undertones in the yarn, and even thinks the upper part of the second sleeve was knitted with a distinctly browner skein than the rest? I can’t see any of that, whatsoever, with my naked eye. But now I’m worried my sleeve is two different colors and I’m just too blind to see it! #thingsoldpeopleworryabout

Fringe Supply Co.'s Sit & Knit & Shop & Sip eventRegardless, onward I shall knit. And I’ll be working on this come Saturday and the aforementioned Open House, which I’ve since dubbed the Fringe Supply Co. Sit & Knit & Shop & Sip event here at the Fringe mini-warehouse. That’s this Saturday, tomorrow, December 7th, from 2-5pm, 1450 4th St in Berkeley CA. I’ll have hyper-local pilsner,* some bubbly, cheese and chocolate.


And speaking of chocolate: Because I love chocolate and I love my customers, all Fringe Supply Co. orders from today through Christmas Eve (assuming my supply holds out) will have a little square of Poco Dolce tucked inside. There are a lot of illustrious chocolates to have originated in SF, but for my money nothing beats Poco Dolce. If you’ve never had it, I’ll just say that it’s as if I were sticking a gold coin in each order. I wish there was a way I could send one to every blog reader everywhere, because I love you as much as I love chocolate. If only my pockets were lined with gold …


*The Trumer brewery (gold-medal pilsner!) is less than a block away.

19 thoughts on “Slade update + Fringe holiday open house!

  1. If you can’t see the difference with your naked eye, no one else will either! I wish I lived closer so I could visit the open house, it sounds like a super fabulous time!!

  2. You had me laughing out loud on this one, Karen. Hard to see those tone changes, even with young eyes. Brings to mind the entirely finished white cardi my husband was photographing for a post. When I turned around for a shot of the back he said something like….”what an unusual design choice to put a gray stripe right across your butt.” Yeah…it was not just a camera issue, unfortunately.

    Wish I could make your Open Studio, sounds like fun!

    • My fortysomething eyes are beginning to fail me, but I’m pretty sure this is not visible to humans. I’ll have to make everyone at the open house tomorrow tell me how it looks to them.

      Sorry you can’t make it down!

  3. I have a beautiful rosy-dusty-pink sweater with one sleeve that looks just like yours (not green, but discolored) and, sadly, it is just as obvious finished and sewn together as it was when I blocked it. Something happened in the middle of the skein and the yarn simply assumed a pinky-yellow-ish hue. But I wear it proudly anyway!

  4. Fun! I wish I could make it, but I have a baby shower during that time. Super local pilsner sounds amazing! Next time!

  5. Would love to come down to meet you and buy almost everything in your shop. But it’s a bit of a drive from Canada. Good luck tomorrow anyway. And I’m shocked that you’re forty something. I would have sworn from the pictures of you that I’ve seen on this blog that you were in your late twenties. Wow. Maybe knitting is some magic anti-aging thing. I’ll have to do more of it.

  6. Speaking of age, I meant to tell you that I love the Kinfolk volume. Really beautifully done and I look forward to devouring it before wrapping it up for my friend for a Christmas treat.

  7. Too bad I am so far away from you. I would love to come to your shop. Instead I will be blocking my jumper which I finished knitting a few weeks ago. I am looking forward to seeing your jumper when it is finished. I really like the colour and I don’t think anyone will notice the difference in colour if you can’t pick it up.

  8. #thingsoldpeopleworryabout Oooh, oooh, my new favorite! ; ) It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I discovered why it was that “old people” simultaneously needed the light of several suns to see anything, yet also needed huge DARK sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. #ithappenedtome

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