New Favorites: Jared Flood’s kerchiefs

Jared Flood Guernsey Triangle and Romney Kerchief knitting patterns

Having finished my Textured Shawl, which is really more of a kerchief, and having decided it’s really the perfect size and shape for Bay Area summer shoulderwear, I’m itching to knit another one. (Kerchief is such a funny word, but so much better than “shawlette.” It sounds like a polite sneeze, kerchief.) In trying to keep myself from literally casting on another of the exact same thing, I’ve been considering other non-lace, modern-ish textured shawls, and I keep coming back to these two by Jared Flood, both of which have been on my list for some time:

The Guernsey Triangle (on the left), with shawl and kerchief options, rivals any of his lace designs for showcasing his brilliance with knitting stitches, whereas the Romney Kerchief (on the right) is a lesson in how effective simplicity can be.


In the ICYMI department this week, I’m also still thinking about this — New Favorites: Haiku.

4 thoughts on “New Favorites: Jared Flood’s kerchiefs

  1. Jared Flood – oh ya… his designs make me CRAZY! And look at the above – they’re beautiful. And for me more appealing at the moment as I’m not as compelled to knit his larger (faaaabulous) shawls, so thank you for pointing out these kerchiefs. I’ve almost finished my first shawl(ette) ever by Mary Heather Cogar. That means I’m itching for the next one.

  2. Well, if you made a small shawl in reddish tones, you could redeem the name by calling it a Little Red Shawlette!

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