Blog Crush: The Etsy Blog

Blog Crush: The Etsy Blog

This may strike you as odd, since I’ve only used Blog Crush so far to highlight individuals and small businesses, but really if there’s any one blog I think makers (of every stripe) should be reading, it’s The Etsy Blog. I often tout it in my role as a web consultant as something for companies to study and emulate but, I’ve realized, I rarely mention it to friends looking for something great to read. The simple fact is: It’s one of the best publications on the web, in my view. When I say “the Etsy blog” (assuming you’re not already reading it) you probably imagine the standard company blog — new software feature announcements, etc. It’s a shame it doesn’t have its own identity, because it’s actually a robust magazine for creative types, with features ranging from recipes and craft tutorials to product roundups (bests of Etsy), profiles of makers both starting out and wildly successful, historical contextualizations of product types and trends, and the list goes on. If you’re interested in making and in makers (and/or in making your making into a business, on Etsy or otherwise), it’s a must read, plain and simple.


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8 thoughts on “Blog Crush: The Etsy Blog

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I forget it sometime. Inspiration is definitely the big factor with Etsy and their blog, as well as great ideas. Being connected to such creative, dedicated people! Love it.

  2. i couldn’t agree more! my only complaint is that there’s TOO much good stuff! i can’t keep up with it. they make awesome videos too, profiling artisans and their homes and studios… love those. oh, and it originally did have its own identity; it was called The Stork! at some point they changed it to the Etsy Blog.

    oh, and my latest blog crush is Fringe Association… ;n)

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