Note to Bay Area readers: Come to the Fringe open house!

Fringe Supply Co. open house June 29th 2013

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to post a quick note to San Francisco Bay Area readers about a special event —

As you may know, Fringe headquarters consists of 200 square feet at the front of my husband’s painting studio in a little artists’ compound in Berkeley CA. On June 29th, Bob and a half-dozen of our very talented neighbors (including Leigh Wells and Sarah Winkler, who’ve been mentioned here before) will be having open studios. And I’m going to take that opportunity to have an inaugural Fringe open house as well. I’d love to meet any of you who are in the area, so if you want to come say hello and even shop straight off the Fringe shelves, please put it on your calendar. I’ll have everything you see in the webshop and, if all goes as planned, a few new gems too. Studios will be open from noon to 6, and starting at 4 we’ll also have live music and a hot dog stand. The address is 1450 4th Street in Berkeley.

I’ll hope to see some of you here!


10 thoughts on “Note to Bay Area readers: Come to the Fringe open house!

  1. Man, I wish I could be there…..and see what Mr. Bob has been working on.
    Plus you know how I love a hot dog!

  2. How exciting! Two of my favorite things, Art and knitting in one place! I am going to try to make it out there after work!

  3. Will Pugsley be there to? I’d love to see him again. I’ve got this in my calendar, so unless a work thing comes up I’ll be there!

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