Merry Elsewhere

Happy holidays and Elsewhere

Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating today, and happy peaceful Monday if you’re not! I’m giving myself a very-much-needed week off, knitting and cooking and hanging out with loved ones. And I’m leaving you with a light and heartwarming Elsewhere list for this holiday week. If you need more to read and haven’t already seen them, take a look at the Top Posts and highlights of the year, my knitting year in review and sewing year in review and my Favorite New Favorites for 2017. Not to mention the entire Elsewhere scrollback.

So many links for your perusal!

First of all, this.

Log cabin inspiration. More log cabin inspiration. It’s everywhere, I tell you!

– I love everything about this tale of London Kaye’s Cuba yarnbombing

– And this one about the subway, the knitter and the Broadway actress (my favorite part being how he learned to knit in the first place!) (thx, Barb)

Teeny tiny history of the turtleneck

– I would like a Karen Barbé Christmas stocking (photo above right)

– and I’m gonna need Olga’s rolling pin (details here) (photo above left)

Hanne Gaby Odiele (on the left) modeling a Twinkle knit before she became the hottest model in the business

These long-cherished sweaters

Cutest Christmas Outfit award goes to …

– And even snowwomen deserve handknits

I can never say enough how grateful I am for your company and encouragement here, your support of Fringe Supply Co, and the many ways in which you inspire me to be a better, braver garmentsmith. Thank you so much for reading these past twelve months (and beyond), and I’ll see you right back here next year.

DON’T FORGET the Log Cabin Make-along kicks off on New Year’s Day when I’ll unveil the full panel and their respective plans. For now, I can just tell you: It’s gonna be a fun one! Happy swatching, eating and ringing in the new year in the meantime!







7 thoughts on “Merry Elsewhere

  1. Merry Christmas to you! And clearly my husband loves me because he went to my LYS Fibre Space and picked up a field bag in camo! 🙌🏾

  2. My non-knitting sister bought me Lykke short tips from you for Christmas. Thanks for introducing me to them, and for your flawless curatorial eye.

  3. Next year-Hand knitted hats with knitted cookies to match! I can see the packaging now:)
    Merry Christmas Karen from the icy-bit ‘o snow in Portland, Oregon!

  4. Garmentsmith! Yessss! Season’s greetings to all, and many thanks to Karen for continuing inspiration and great tips.

  5. Wonderful week to you, Karen! Thank you for all of your posts – I read everyone and they’re total inspiration. Like the yellow log cabin. Oh my. That sent me off in a whole other direction and I’ve only just started this Elsewhere. Too fun!

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