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It’s always a joy, at any time of the year, to see people raising money and making donations to good causes, especially those that are near and dear to me/us as knitters and sewers. As you may know, for the past two years I’ve donated a percentage of Fringe’s revenue each quarter to Heifer International in the form of their Knitters Baskets — a set of fiber animals given to families in developing countries and communities, from which they derive fiber and milk, income and sustenance, and they also pass along the first female offspring of each animal to another family in their community.  It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving and, collectively, we’ve given dozens of these “baskets” at this point, and will continue to do so. Every time you shop at Fringe Supply Co., you’re contributing to that, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward in this way — so thank you forever and always for that. Today I want to pass along a couple of other excellent options for giving the gift of support, and I encourage you to make a direct donation to Heifer, as well: Fibershed Carbon Farm Fund and Knitters for Doctors. I’m sure you all have a hundred other suggestions of great initiatives under way, so please share them below!

And with that, here’s Elsewhere—

The history of the cardigan sweater, from the battlefield to the Chanel workroom to Kurt Cobain

Are you knitting for peace?

– Another FAFKAL sweater has become a pattern! the South Bay Sweater

Dream outfit (thx, Clare!)

Brilliant idea for getting some practice and/or making use of your swatches (photo above right)

Everything about this

– Lovely piece about how Amirisu came to be

My ideal Christmas wreath

This yoke sweater. No this one.

– Definitely trying Kathy’s Insta slipper pattern (photo above left)

Yes or no?

IN SHOP NEWS: There’s something very exciting happening in the near future, which shop newsletter subscribers got the heads-up about, and I’ll post an update here later. [UPDATE: It’s Jen Hewett Field Bag day! Details and release schedule here.] (If you’re not subscribed to the shop emails for future reference, there’s a signup box in the upper right of every page at fringesupplyco.com) And there’s a fun little something happening over on Instagram as well: follow @fringesupplyco and check out #mydreamfringemix for more on that. And of all the tiny exciting things in the world, bonsai scissors are back in stock!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!



17 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I knit for peace last year, but there was too much going on for another project this year. And that last link? Definitely NO, for me!

  2. Your “Elsewhere” posts are my faves. All those links to such interesting and useful places. Those slippers are perfect. We have a similar tradition here in Canada of removing shoes at the door. It must have something to do with mucky wintry weather.

  3. Great links! I definitely agree with the dream outfit and definitely disagree with the bobble sweater that looks more like a series of goiters. And who wants to knit those bobbles?!

  4. Can I tell you I was ELATED that I got to test knit South Bay? When I saw Sam in it for your KAL I was one of the people said she wanted the pattern and now I want to make it in every color and every weight of yarn LOL it’s a good one.

  5. Hi Karen,
    Well, I am an idiot…I never noticed to spot to sign up for the shop…and I look in everyday. So…I put in my email address but it would only take it in caps and, naturally, I have not received the confirmation email. Hummmmm…..

  6. I just knit Riddari in the brown/black colorway for my husband. It’s his favorite sweater and he looks great in it. It’s very easy to knit, especially in Lettlopi.

  7. I would usually be a no on anything with bulky yarn OR bobbles, let alone both. But, it snowed today in Houston, so it looks much more appealing.

    Hard yes to the dream outfit and the wreath! Love those.

  8. Great donation suggestions, love Kathy’s slippers, and those sachets are so why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? Happy weekend all. I’m on my from Rome to Venice with my favorite people. Feels good to get away…

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