New Favorites: Summer sweaters

New Favorites: Summer sweaters

This might be a bit whiplashy — we were just talking about ski sweaters two days ago — but happy summer! Have you thought about knitting a little summer sweater? Lots of good patterns lately, but these especially have caught my eye:

TOP: 217s-06 from Pierrot Yarns is garter simplicity incarnate. I can’t find the pattern where they told me to look, but it seems to be just four squares (or two squares and two tubes, if you prefer) UPDATE: It’s been added to Ravelry since last I checked!

MIDDLE LEFT: Auger by Pam Allen is more garter goodness, this time in tank form (See also: Pam Allen’s linen tanks)

MIDDLE RIGHT: Monterey Tee by Kate Gagnon Osborn is a dressier option, with lace as ventilation

BOTTOM: Fog Cutter by Thea Colman is more of a San Francisco or rocky-coast-of-Maine sort of summer sweater

See also previous summer sweater pattern roundups here and here.


QUICK SHOP NOTE: We’re still waiting for more of the full-size Lykke interchangeable sets, but the good news is the short-tip sets are here! (A set of 9 pairs of 3.5″ tips for making 16-24″ needles.)


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16 thoughts on “New Favorites: Summer sweaters

  1. The humidity level here is the South really causes me discomfort when it comes to even considering a sweater. I have one very lacy with short sleeves (commercial) that does well (think jacket, no buttons), but otherwise ugh! We need a little something when wearing sleeveless and having to call on customers or having lunch in a restaurant (air conditioning). Time to stalk Ravelry.

  2. I was able to access a pdf Japanese knitting pattern/graph on Ravelry. I’m goin’ with 2 squares and 2 tubes. Possibly pickup and knit sleeves after joining 2 squares. Pattern is daunting at first glance. Yikes!

  3. I’m knitting Fog Cutter for my #summerofbasics! I love the contrast between the ribbing and the cable pattern. It’s my first time knitting with cotton (or, really, anything not wool), and now I’m obsessed. Would love to make the Pierrot Yarns shirt and that Auger tank in linen now.

  4. Here in Central California we’re having such a heat wave…109 predicted for today, and it’s been going on since the 12th and expected to last another week. Knitting a sweater for summer seems kind of obscene!

  5. Pierrot is working on an English translation because of the sudden demand for the 217s-06 Shine Cotton Tee. Karen, you are very influential! :) There is a Pierrot Yarns group as well as a Japanese patterns support group on Ravelry. What a fantastic community we have.

  6. I’m the queen of a cotton summer knit! I actually just finished off my 5th summer knit this season in a cotton blend this week. I’ve got a little bit of cotton yarn left and was contemplating making the Monterey Tee too. It’s a lovely bit of lace but I just don’t know if I have the yardage.

  7. I want to knit Fog Cutter. It is sitting in my Ravelry account. I also want to know who makes the “model’s” pants. I want those pants. Does anyone know?

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