New Favorites: Pam Allen’s linen tanks

New Favorites: Pam Allen's linen tanks

I’m convinced my indifference to all the sweaters on my needles is to do with their being stockinette, but perhaps it’s more the fact that long-sleeved wool sweaters have no actual current relevance? And thus I’m simply unmotivated? I wonder, because I am plagued with the desire to cast on yet another stockinette sweater — but this time a linen tank. Pam Allen has been on a roll lately, and if I had any linen in my stash, I might have already cast on one or the other of these, just to see whether my stockinette apathy would dissipate if the garment were of immediate use — or in fact, necessity. The only problem is: which one? On top is Togue Pond; on bottom is Saco Stripes. I might need to hybridize them …


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  1. I’m feeling the same way lately. I have no desire to work on my Aran sweater design, all wooly and hot and heavy, and have both a cotton stockinette t-shirt and a linen/cotton cabled tank top on the needles. (They’re also counting as little cheater projects.)

    I love the armhole detail and the modesty of Togue Pond. With stripes would be good!

  2. I’ve seen a few finished Saco’s on instagram, lately, and they are lovely! I do like the extra ribbing detail on the straps and collar of the Tongue Pond, too.

  3. I, too, am loving both of these! I love the drape of the linen but wonder if I personally have too many sticking points (rounds?) for it to hang properly and well. Either way, they would be great for you and your many upcoming adventures~time to knit but not so much time to pay attention and/or be sitting under a wool sweater-in-the-works :)

  4. Those are beautiful! It’s much too warm where I am to wear a scarf or hat, but I always want to knit no matter what the weather. Perhaps I should consider one of these.

  5. These new designs in linen are lovely, summery and modern. And you’re right – Pam Allen certainly has been on a roll lately, I’d love to have one of everything in her recently released Kestrel and Sans collections. Speaking of Pam Allen, she would be a terrific subject for your “Our Tools, Ourselves” series.

  6. I’ve been eyeing Togue Pond for days now and I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist any longer. Looking forward to seeing your mash-up!

  7. Gorgeous! Well to be fair, with tank tops you avoid the dreaded sleeves to knit so they would be finished much faster, which may increase your attraction to them!

    • I’m the one who dislikes the big dull wasteland of the body and doesn’t mind knitting sleeves, but in this case it’ll all be good! Looking forward to what I hope will be a quick knit and a useful top!

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  9. Do you find that your tanktops made of linen end up a lot longer than you planned for? I knit a lace one to spec, and it’s now about 2.5″ longer.

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