Best summer sweater knitting patterns

Best summer sweater knitting patterns

I’d tell you this was another request but really it was more like a demand. People in need of knitting patterns for little summer tanks and tees can be rather assertive!

Some of these have been seen on Fringe before, and not all are digitally available sadly, but here in one place is a whole slew of my favorite summer (or at least summerish) sweaters — too many to picture:

1. Gate Pullover by Margaux Hufnagel, knitted sideways with a little geometric lace across the top; see also: High Relief Dolman by Courtney Kelley (which I would knit wider and with shorter sleeves)

2. Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy, lovely slouchy, textured tank; see also: Aproned Tank by Hannah Fettig

3. Hester Pullover by Amy Herzog, adorable

4. Mix No. 13 by AnneLena Mattison, allover mesh makes a great coverup

5. Francis by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, with really interesting construction; see also: Short Row Sweater from the Purl Bee (free pattern)

6. Knit T-Shirt from the Purl Bee, with contrast-lined pocket (free pattern); see also: Insouciant by Julie Hoover, Two-Color Baseball Tee by Laura Bryant

7. Shiro Shiriku by Vicki Square, which also applies to this!; see also: Lemon by Helga Isager, of course

8. Drop Stitch Tank by Pam Allen, the photo is a little unfortunate but the sweater is cute (picture it, as I am, in charcoal tweed — so summery!)

9. Riverine Pullover by Andi Satterlund, two-toned and two-textured (from the new Pom Pom Quarterly); see also: Cap Sleeve Lattice Top from the Purl Bee (free pattern)

10. Pebble Tank from the Purl Bee, which looks so cool in Habu’s Natural Cover Cotton (free pattern)

Please feel free to add your favorites below!


21 thoughts on “Best summer sweater knitting patterns

    • I’m definitely in a wool-year-round climate here in the Bay Area, too. I can imagine people in truly hot climates breaking into a sweat just looking at some of those pics, but “summer” is a surprisingly variable beast.

      I’ll never forget the time my aunt in Houston saw me pull a sweater vest out of my suitcase in the middle of summer. She thought I was the craziest person alive.

  1. Karen, I lived in north-central Texas for a very brief (thankfully) time. The daytime heat was bad enough, but “still hot after dark” was especially disconcerting to me. I knew someone there who was originally from Seattle, and she said that it took her 20 years to get over bringing a sweater on night-time summer excursions.

  2. Lovely selections! Hoping my fiber factor submission will make it to a summer knitting list of yours one of these days! :)

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