Best spring/summer tees of 2014

Best summer tee knitting patterns

As soon as I say that, some brilliant new tees will come along. But there has been a flood of little sweater tee patterns so far this year, and these are my personal favorites:

TOP LEFT: Driftwood Tee by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark — with just a little triangle patch of mesh

TOP RIGHT: Front Pleat Dolman by Jane Howorth — love the sleeves, the pleat, the texture blocking, but I’d likely skip the picot edge on the hem

MIDDLE LEFT: Shady Grove by Cedar Box Knits — again with the little zigzag of lace

MIDDLE RIGHT: Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy — nice and simple

BOTTOM LEFT: Sonora by Courtney Kelley — LOVE the stitch pattern

BOTTOM RIGHT: Bohemian Tee by Erica Schleuter — and I’m into the granny-chic-ness of this, want to knit it in natural linen and wear it with holey jeans and a killer pair of sandals (still also want to crochet this in monochrome)

I also love Grace Ahkrem’s Petaluma Tee — it might be my favorite — but I can’t bear the styling in that photo. And we’ve talked about Pam Allen’s Perkins Cove Pullover already, but have you seen Fancy Amber’s short-sleeved version? So cute.


12 thoughts on “Best spring/summer tees of 2014

  1. That’s some surprising detail from knit.wear on that Bohemian Tee. I’d leave off the drawstring, though, or I’d look like a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage. :-)

  2. The Petaluma Tee is my favorite! Totally agree about the styling, when my knitting friends ask me what I am working on, I apprehensively open the magazine to show them! Always followed by me saying “…ladies, now we must move beyond the hair and makeup…”

  3. I love the Bohemian Tee too, would definitely see it in a lovely light neutral. If only I could manage to find a copy of knit.wear… I’ve been stalking my favorite stockists for weeks, it is nowhere to be found. Guess I will have to buy the digital version. Sigh!

  4. I’ve got the Driftwood Tee in line for another project to try (since I finally tackled sweater knitting!). I just finished the Six Point Tee ( and it was crazy easy and quick in a bulky yarn. And in my sweater knitting class I took we made the Gemini ( which was also surprisingly easy and a free pattern. Double win! Now I’m obsessed with making tees.

  5. Icarus from the newest Knitty issue is my current obsession. It seems like a lot of people are having trouble getting the right gauge on it though.

  6. I JUST queued Driftwood on Ravelry this morning! I’m thinking about bumping it up to my next project and doing it in something with a little lace so it has more drape. I’m in love with the rest of the collection. Are they all on Ravelry??

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