2016: My sewing year in review

2016: My sewing year in review

So this is a different sort of surprise for me: I sewed 12 garments this year, which is definitely more garments than I sewed in the previous 20 years combined! Granted, they are extremely simple little clothes, averaging maybe a yard and a quarter apiece. But I also haven’t sewn since sometime around mid-August — so really I sewed 12 garments in 7-ish months. And combined with the knitting, I made 21 things this year. No wonder my closet is feeling so much better.

More important, though, I like all of these clothes:

– The wool gauze pullover was worn a lot before it met an unfortunate fate in a dryer. It now lives with an 8-year-old friend, but a pal just sent me a length of the exact same fabric in case I want to make it again!

– The blue striped dress was in regular rotation for awhile and no doubt will be again this spring/summer

– The muumuu doesn’t get a lot of wear, of course, but it makes me smile every time I open my closet door

– The two sleeveless tops — black and blue striped — both factor heavily into my winter wardrobe, and I can’t wait to make another version

– The striped skirt was a test, but it’s gotten a little bit of wear and I’m eager to iterate on it

– The black muscle tee is a total favorite, my first time sewing a knit, and will be repeated soon!

– One reason to look forward to warm weather again is the chance to wear the two little box tops

– And the three camisoles are multi-functional and well-loved

If I have a resolution for 2017, it’s to advance my sewing skills and also figure out how to be more efficient about it. For one thing, I bought a serger back in October, which has yet to emerge from the box, but learning how to use it is my number one priority going into January. As I mentioned yesterday, I feel like I’ve reached a place where I know what I want in my closet. Now to bring my skills up to speed!


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8 thoughts on “2016: My sewing year in review

  1. I’m envious. I love all those items – especially the blue striped set Hopefully, 2017 will allow me time at my machine.

  2. I bought a serger this year, also, and learned to use it with a video that came with it, and a Craftsy class. The latter taught me to record successful settings and to save a sample with this recording.

    • Totally seconding Marta’s recommendation for video classes when getting started on your serger – I bought Amy Alan’s Craftsy course when I first got my serger, and it was SUCH a huge help in getting going! Her class is super methodical in introducing you to all the machine components, how to get it threaded, and in walking you through making a really well-organized set of stitch samples for yourself (which is so helpful both to familiarize yourself with the different stitch types, and to refer back to as you work on later projects!).

      And I’m beyond impressed with your making-output this year! Somehow I’ve fallen way off the garment sewing wagon, and have pretty much just been knitting for all of 2016 – which has been incredibly enjoyable, but hasn’t really helped get my wardrobe in shape at all! Evidently you can’t just wear sweaters and hats exclusively. I love wearing my hand sewn jeans and tops so often that most of my makes from a few years ago are on their last legs now, and I really need to buckle down and start sewing some replacements in 2017.

      • Oh, one more serger recommendation – practice threading your serger *from scratch* at least ten times in a row. The repetition will work wonders at making threading seem totally intuitive (and unintimidating!) to you, and will save lots of time and hassle whenever you start a new project.

        • That’s a good tip, thanks! I actually got some free one-on-one instruction with the purchase of the serger, and definitely plan to use it. I haven’t done that in the past but think it will be really useful for this!

  3. Oh wow, you’re gonna love that serger!!! hopefully I can snag a used one on CL but for now, I’m renting time at an art space to serge. they’re kind of intimidating but you don’t need to finish your seam!!

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