Queue Check — Year-end 2016

Queue Check — Year-end 2016

My Knitting Year in Review post makes it seem like 2016 was my Year of Stockinette — and it pretty much was. Of the FOs, the only thing that isn’t plain stockinette is my Anna Vest, which is the next closest thing to it. But apparently I was really just saving the best for last! I’m ending the year with the mesmerizing knits-and-purls of my Channel Cardigan (top, in Clever Camel) and the colorwork of my St. Brendan (bottom, in Arranmore), and loving every minute of it — so happy to squeeze in a spot of colorwork before the year is up. (Can you believe the only cables I knitted all year were on my abandoned first-version knitalong sweater?)

I’ve been on summer break this week — it was my first time off since the beginning of May, and we’ve been in 88-degree Florida, so it felt entirely like summer break. I finished the second Channel sleeve cap on the drive down, and literally made a mistake on almost every row, after having sailed through the rest of the sleeve without a one. Clearly my brain was wanting a holiday, so after finishing up the hem ribbing, I cast on St. Brendan and have been wallowing in … yep, stockinette! Apart from those 14 rows of colorwork, which make it seem like not a plain stockinette project at all.

But a thing happened — it was tiny. Like 38″ around instead of the 45″ it should be. I’d swatched like a good girl, and my blocked swatch (on US9) was spot on, so I had reason to hope it would block out correctly. But rather than plow ahead with worry, I transferred it onto waste yarn (at the point pictured above) and blocked it. It’s totally fine! So a day later, it was back on the needles and I was cruising through the body, which at this point is a good 14″ long or so. And good gravy I love this yarn and this fabric.

I had plans of doing a big, meaty forward-looking Queue Check for today, but decided I’d rather wallow in my holiday, so I’ll think about 2017 plans in January, yeah?

Thank you so much for everything this year, and for all the great comments this week — especially your feedback under Top posts of the year. I’ve been reading them all and will be going back through and responding now that I’m home. Happy New Year’s Eve to you (tomorrow), and I wish you all the best in the coming year—


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21 thoughts on “Queue Check — Year-end 2016

  1. Thank you Karen! I would have given up knitting without you or at least cried in despair. I am in a fairly isolated (when it comes to knitting) situation. Your knitting stories are an inspiration. When I make a misjudgment and have to rip out the whole sleeve. I say to my self or my husband, “That even happens to Karen!”. Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. I just want to thank you for a blog that has impacted my knitting life so much. I am approaching 2017 with thoughts of what I truly need to make my wardrobe more useful. I will definitely be making more socks, but also some garment staples. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Your colorwork sweater looks gorgeous. Your blocking has me asking a question. If I frog a project and put it in water to get rid of the kinks, when I knit it again, will the gauge act like my original swatch? My brain says I will need a whole new swatch.

    • Hi Francis,

      Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here, but I would agree – a whole new swatch would be a good idea, just in case the yarn has stretched out. Better safe than sorry!

      Happy new year!


  4. Just started following your blog and I’m totally mesmerized. I spent my entire afternoon yesterday reading about your top down knitalong and I’m really inspired to create my own cardigan sometime soon. I’ve been knitting for a year and a half and have started dreaming of designing my own patterns, so thank you for being the enabler!! With lots of love, a 25-year old knitter in St. Louis.

  5. Those sweaters are looking ever so beautiful, Karen! I absolutely adore the Channel cardigan. I can’t get enough of those Gansey-style stitches at the moment…
    Wishing you a happy new year!

  6. I have knit for many, many years but have yet to try colorwork – for some reason, it intimidates the heck out of me. I am so in awe of your ability to just dive right in to new skill levels. Do you have any tips to offer for first-time colorwork projects?

  7. St. Brendan… I am so GREEN that you are knitting it, finally. GOOD FOR YOU! It will be a good while before I begin mine.
    Happy New Year to you… and to all your readers.

  8. Thanks, Karen, I will check out those sources to try to motivate myself to get brave about colorwork!

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