Best of Spring 2017: New York

Best of Spring 2017: New York

I’m trying something a little different this season: looking at the fashion week collections city by city (as I fall inevitably behind). Starting where it starts: New York. The NY Spring 2017 collections are an especially odd hodgepodge this time around — running the gamut from sporty to ’70s psychedelic to goth, with no particular through-line other than an inordinate number of white dresses. I’m into the flirty little cropped fisherman sweater at Tory Burch, intrigued by the space-dyed onesie (or is it a sweater and pants?) under crinoline-like skirts at À Détacher, and puzzled by the three’s-a-trend situation of pullovers with button-up sleeves worn unbuttoned, as seen at A.L.C., Michael Kors and Lacoste. Ok, that last one looks like snap-on sleeves worn unsnapped at the raglans — but still!

As far as Bests go:

ABOVE: I’m crazy about lots of other things about the A.L.C. collection — a brilliant meld of sporty and flirty — including the black ribbed sweater dress over wide pants and shrunken striped turtleneck. And then there’s that last look, which my brain sees as a simple stockinette pullover in ash Kestrel, paired with some Liberty-print Purl Soho City Gym Shorts.

BELOW: Great little sleeveless, boxy, cabled number at M.Patmos.

Best of Spring 2017: New York

8 thoughts on “Best of Spring 2017: New York

  1. Oh, what I would give to have that incredible figure (striped crop top). At 60, I just have to Let It Be.
    thanks for the inspirations for Spring. We are still in the Dog Days of Summer!

    • I agree, an amazing figure, but a great sweater too! I love that dark navy with thin orange stipe, a great idea for incorporating some orange (which I find hard to wear). It reminds me of another favorite color combination, navy plus bright lemon or chartreuse!

      Anyway I am often intrigued by women who wear their cropped sweaters over a dress (loose or tight) instead of exposing the midriff. It’s a look I haven’t tried but would experiment with–with the right dress (and tights) it could be cute with a turtleneck this shape!

  2. Knitwear + athleisure <3 A loose sweater thrown over a sports bra and yoga leggings is so chic to me.

    • I saw a young woman out and about yesterday–she had just come from yoga and had on leggings, hard shoes (maybe brogues or loafers, not sneakers), a loosely woven cream-colored cabled sweater, no makeup and her hair up from her exercise class. I thought she looked unexpectedly fantastic, so much cooler than if she had had on a sweatshirt and sneaks with her leggings. People in the Slow Fashion October conversation have been mentioning trying to be less precious with sweaters and incorporate them more into everyday life and work and this is something I’m going to try too!

  3. For once a show that I can actually relate to! Like spinningthemoon I won’t be scaring small children by exposing my midrif but I fancy that sweater with a layering vest or tube dress beneath. And my daughter would definitely wear it. I also love the top image.

  4. M.Patmos had a cute sweater with a section of cables in a Vogue Knitting a few summers back (2012 if I remember correctly) that looks quite similar to these cute cabled short sleeved numbers.

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