WIP of the Week No.6 (and more!)

WIP of the Week No.6 (and more!)

The penultimate WIP of the Week award is going to Paige Sato, who is @purlingpaige on IG and purlgurl on Ravelry (and runs the Christmas at Sea program) and has been one of the Top-Down Knitalong standouts from the very first moment. I honestly was a little worried about Paige’s sweater at first. She was doing a circular yoke and short rows and colorwork and all sorts of stuff I knew I would be no help with if it didn’t go exactly right on the first try. It didn’t, of course — because creating things from scratch almost always takes some trial and error — and Paige also decided to complicate her complications! After beginning the yoke, she decided she wanted to add a steek for a half-zip neck, which threw off her math. I got more and more nervous as she tweaked and tweaked but she was completely unfazed, and before long she had this amazing yoke going on and a huge smile on her face. This sweater is ambitious and is turning out SO AMAZING. Check her feed for the whole delightful creative process she’s been through with it. And did I mention she stopped in the middle to whip up a pink cowl-neck sweater for a friend’s birthday? Incredible, Paige. So you’ve won 8 skeins of Arranmore in the color of your choosing — please drop me an email with your selection(s) and mailing address! Thank you Kelbourne Woolens for this week’s amazing prize!

Next week is the last week I’ll be handing out bonus prizes, although we’re still knitting and there’s no deadline! No pressure. I actually have TWO prizes to hand out next week! The first is 7 skeins of Father from YOTH Yarns (the yarn Jess is using for her fafkal sweater, and which I’m a huge fan of) in the in-stock color of the winner’s choosing. And the second is 15 skeins of Range from A Verb For Keeping Warm in either Lighthouse or Quartz, which I’m insanely jealous of. Coincidentally, both are US-grown and milled yarns, and both Rambouillet! I’ll be picking the winners for next Friday, so keep those sweater pics and stories coming, using #fringeandfriendsKAL2016 and the comments here to share!


Veg-tan leather wrist ruler — only at Fringe Supply Co.!

I saw my friend Andrea Rangel at the trade show last summer and she was wearing an awesome leather ruler bracelet and I wanted it! For me and for you, but I wanted it to be natural veg-tan leather with a brass button stud, and thankfully the makers agreed to do that just for us! Mine hasn’t left my wrist since they arrived, and you can get yours today exclusively at Fringe Supply Co. And we’ve also restocked a bunch of bestsellers this week, so hop on over and take a peek.


And once again this week, I have just one link for you but a really good one — it’s Stacy London (of What Not to Wear fame) on the weirdness [I know first-hand] of being and dressing 47 in 2016, [Here’s the part where I edited out a bunch of stuff I said on a sticky subject with not enough time to word it carefully so] I look forward to your thoughts on Stacy’s article!

And if you’ve run across any other great links lately, please share them in the comments!

Happy weekend, everyone — thank you for reading!


PREVIOUSLY in Top-Down Knitalong: I’m joining the start-over club!

26 thoughts on “WIP of the Week No.6 (and more!)

  1. regarding Paige’s sweater all I can say is WOW it is spectacular and that ruler bracelet is pretty awesome as well.

  2. That sweater is truly wonderful. I would have no clue on how to do that top down. I get the what to wear article. My outside is 67 and my inside is 35. No children either and just me to dress. I’m glad I don’t have to be my grandmother, who was forced by convention to wear dowdy clothes and shoes.

  3. Hooray, Paige! Her sweater has been seriously inspirational since Day 1.

    Aaaand I must have that bracelet.

  4. I’ve seen that sweater in the feed and every time I’m just like “you’re gonna do what???????” it looks so good!! what an impressive feat!

  5. I heard about this exhibit on the Slate Culture Gabfest, and thought immediately of your “elsewheres.”
    Apparently science couldn’t figure out how to model the “hyperbolic geometry” of coral reefs until someone (a woman scientist and a crocheter) realized you could do it perfectly with crochet! Two sisters that are scientists and fiber artists have created this project over the last 10 years- a landscape of coral reefs made out of crochet and plastic trash- “the work fuses mathematics, marine biology, feminist art practices, and craft to produce large-scale coralline landscapes, both beautiful and blighted.” I can’t wait to go see the exhibit.

  6. GreaT sweater! On the Stacy London article: reminds me of this great Moschino belt I had , black with sliding letters. “F❤️CK FASHION!”

  7. These knitalong sweaters are amazing! Another well-deserved winner. STEEKING! I had that Stacy London article open on my laptop for days a while ago. Have a great weekend, Karen.

  8. I’m the same age as Stacy London, so I read this article with a lot of interest. And I think it will be reflected in one of my Sloctober posts: my style has evolved but I’m at the stage where I’ve been relying on my old clothes for a few years without feeling 100% happy about what I wear. I need a serious closet overhaul, but I’m scared to just toss everything out and start again. Plus I don’t have the budget for it. But sooner or later, something needs to happen. I’m planning to use Slow Fashion October for this reflection process. Thanks for sharing.

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