New Favorites: For Bob (or himever!)

New Favorites: For Bob (or himever!)

My favorite thing about the Brooklyn Tweed Fall ’16 collection that came out last week are these three men’s sweaters, which I assess in terms of their Bob-ability:

TOP: Tamarack by Jared Flood is the sweater equivalent of my husband’s favorite shawl-collar sweatshirt, and very likely the next sweater I knit for him (with scaled-down pockets)

BOTTOM LEFT: Carver by Julie Hoover is spare enough in its overall cable-y texturedness that I might be able to coax him into it

BOTTOM RIGHT: Auster by Michele Wang is the sweater I hope to get him into once he’s comfortable in his Carver


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  1. I’ve had Flood’s Cobblestone in the queue for a bit (and “Cast Iron” Shelter to make it with) but there’s something about the circular yoke that has me hesitating, something that makes the shoulders too round — I like Auster much better, so that seems like a sign. Off to see if I can grab a couple more skeins.

  2. J’adore aussi le modèle Tamarack et j’ai hâte de pouvoir commencer mon premier “Jared flood”! Mon homme est convaincu aussi lui qui est si difficile d’habitude. J’ai même trouvé une laine française locale pour ce projet : la “Cyrano” de De natura rerum en poivre et sel qui est un bonheur à tricoter. (
    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy following you everyday and discover what’s new on knit planet…

  3. I am loving tamarack and want the men’s version for me!!! I just love that shawl collar, although the overall style is so similar to my fafkal sweater that I think I’ll have to pass lol

  4. The Tamarack looks so practical – a classic sweater. Love the green Auster – the colour and the pattern repeat. Enjoy and thanks for sharing this source for men’s sweaters.

  5. My next project after the KAL was going to be a sweater vest for my husband but he is seeking ordination and if he becomes a priest he will wear a black clergy shirt with a tabbed collar (what you imagine when you think about priest dress). We couldn’t figure out how a sweater vest would work with that so it’s on hold. We’re hoping to get some ideas when it gets cold and his professors start layering up for winter.

  6. Thanks for this Karen–I could totally see my husband in Carver! I love the Auster, but it might be too much for him (maybe with a plain back?), and those Captain Kangaroo pockets on the Tamarack are definitely too much (maybe replace them with a slanted version?)

  7. I so want to make a Brighton or Carver and my husband said he might wear a Cricket. Looks like I’ll just have to make a one of the cabled ones for me!

  8. I know some very wee men (ok, let’s call them what they are…babies) who would look adorable in a smaller version of Tamarack.

  9. Love love love all three of them! My husband is a giant (almost 2 meters and 100 kgs) and I’m still to find the courage to cast on a sweater for him ;-).So far, the poor guy only got hats and scarfs ;-). But I might eventually give it a go with Carver!

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