New Favorites: The solace of hats

New Favorites: The solace of hats

There have been a lot of great pattern collections released in the past couple of weeks. So many good sweaters I’m trying not to think about right now (but will definitely get around to raving about!) because I’d rather think about hats. I think it’s when I feel the least in control of my to-do list that I start to really crave a nice little hat to knit before bed. Is that an epiphany I’ve had a hundred times before? Regardless of circumstances, a hat is always so achievable and uncomplicated, so bite-sized. So satisfying when everything else is a sea of unfinished business (including, uh, the four sweaters on the needles). Any of these would do nicely  —

TOP: Phōs by Fiona Alice — from the awesome new Amirisu that just hit the shop — is colorwork combined with texture in a geometric motif I love

MIDDLE: Fluffy Brioche Hat by Purl Soho would be a sweet little intro to brioche and an eminently wearable hat

BOTTOM: Furrow Hat by Jared Flood — from his book Woolens — would be such a melodic knit, that simple combo of moss and cables


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: The solace of hats

  1. Gorgeous hats – oh my! I was wondering when new hat patterns would start popping up. The Purl Soho is a definite, but the other two. Yum!

  2. Love the Phos hat and going to purchase some of Lani’s Lana rambouillet wool yarn for this when I tour the Bare Ranch (where she is) this Saturday. I have purchased the pattern.

  3. OMG! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Phos hat!!! It has my crazy brain already working on a cardigan/sweater design to go along with it. At this rate, my actual knitting time is dwindling rather rapidly. Is it time to acquire sample knitters??? At the very least, my hand is getting a well deserved rest.

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing this pattern. Otherwise I may have never found it.

    Have a great day… KNITTING!

  4. Karen, I have been asked to knit a hat for someone with a 23.5 inch head circumference. They want a simple hat with several inches of ribbing and the rest in stockinette. My question to you about upsizing my favorite pattern is this. Do you increase your stitches using your gauge to measure 23.5 inches unstretched or is there a bit of negative ease? Could you share your thoughts on getting the best fit? Thanks!

  5. Another Hatalong on the radar? These are all lovely, and I agree, a nice hat is a lovely project when you feel overwhelmed, and it feels so good to complete a project in a few hours and be able to wear it the next day if you so choose. I’ve got a lot of knitted hats but there is always room for more.

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