New Favorites redux: Finn Valley and St. Brendan

New Favorites redux: Finn Valley and St. Brendan

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Arranmore Collection — how much I loved all of the garments and how sad the photos made me. Turns out there’s a second set of samples knitted in alternate colorways, which are even better than the originals, and they were in the middle of being photographed on a simple dressform. When I saw this whole new set on Kelbourne’s blog, I nearly fainted. How amazing does Finn Valley (top) look in this gorgeous camel-y tweed? And the dark version of St. Brendan (bottom) is a sweater I truly don’t think I can live without — I want it exactly like this. (Clearly I’m nowhere near over that whole dark yoke sweaters fixation.)


PREVIOUSLY in New Favorites: the Arranmore Collection

24 thoughts on “New Favorites redux: Finn Valley and St. Brendan

  1. I missed your prior post about this collection. So glad I gave the patterns another look. I have some lovely tweeds in my stash perfect for these patterns.

    • For the record, Ravelry is showing this yarn as bulky but it’s aran weight and these are knitted on 8s, I believe. You probably mean even lighter than that, but I wanted to note it!

  2. Do you thnk the Brendan could be knit in letti lopi? I made the Stopover with size 10.5 needles and these call for 9 & 8.

  3. At first I thought you were crazy when you said the original photos made you sad. Then I started trying to figure out the details and realized that as a fashion spread they’re great. To sell yarn and patterns, not so much. Glad there are more! And these colors are also awesome!

  4. Beautiful items in the collection, I agree. Lovely colors also. I’m in love with the hats. However, I would think the St. Brendan, as lovely as it is, would be better with a darker color at the hip. The yoke will balance a smaller shoulder or bust, definitely; but, the camel color horizontally at the hip/bottom serves to widen that area. Am I being too (k)nit picky? I feel that spending so much time and love and money on a sweater, it should flatter every part of you.

    • Wiberg, I agree with you. My eyeballs fell on the floor when I saw the new and improved St. Brendan. After they stopped rolling around on the floor, they looked up and filled the hip area in with the dark yarn. Let the beautiful colorwork show off across the yoke and be done with it.

      Hmmm… now how do I squeeze this baby in my queue? I seriously think it’s going to explode!

      Happy knitting,
      MJ, the SKEINdinavian

    • I just see the black swath across the middle as slimming, but who knows. It occurs to me, though, that I might try it with the camel and grey swapped, just to see how it looks.

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