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Hey, so there’s been a death in my family and I’m on my way to Houston today. Rather than spending the weekend scrambling to put together blog posts for the next few days, I spent it making sure everything is in order for the knitalong kickoff next Monday.  So blogging may be a bit spotty this week — but never fear, I’m leaving you with lots to peruse:

(Oh, and DG is at his post, so Fringe Supply Co. orders will be handled just as quickly as always!)


You may have noticed last week a little Top-Down Knitalong link list appeared over there in the right rail (if you’re on a full-size browser) and there’s a knitalong directory page with all of the pertinent info and links (browse it! bookmark it! pin it!), which I’ll add to as we go. I’ve also created a board for knitalong-related posts at Pinterest. and I am in the process of getting the full top-down tutorial updated, as promised. I’ve got a great summary overview of the top-down process in the works, which I think you’ll find very useful. For everyone in the planning stages, just a reminder that you need to take your stitch and row gauge measurements from a blocked swatch. (If you’re knitting your sweater in the round, knit your swatch in the round!) I’ve got 7 incredible prizes lined up for WIP of the Week, the first of which will be awarded a week from Friday, and the first week’s will actually draw on everything posted to the #fringeandfriendsKAL2016 tag up to that point, so get your ideas out there! (More details on submitting and winning on the directory page.) See the Top-Down Ideas pinboard and the Instagram feed to get your juices flowing if they aren’t already!


Speaking of Pinterest, I’m still working (slowly but surely) on the project of re-pinning the entire blog archive by category, and wow is that a wow-er of a project. Without seeming to be flattering myself (since I can only take credit for a fraction of what makes it so good) there’s just an incredible amount of great stuff in these here archives, and seeing them all spread out before your very eyes on Pinterest is incredible. I’m up through the end of 2014 at the moment, and just look at all of this! Please do take some time to scroll through, click through on things you missed, re-pin the ones that make your heart sing, and so on.


Sweden is officially on my bucket list

– Which are you glued to: the Olympics or Norway’s National Knitting Evening?

3000-year-old ball of yarn (thx, Jess)

So happy guys like this exist; so sad they’re so rare

– What do the biggest swimwear companies have in common? Their origins in knitting wool



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  1. So sorry for your loss Karen. My daughter and I also knit our way through my Dad’s dying last fall. It’s so helpful to have something to focus on (though a complicated Aran pattern probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.) We will all survive an FA hiatus! ❤

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss – just focus on being with your family and don’t worry about us, we will be sitting here patiently knitting until you return.

  3. Sorry for your loss, Karen. Don’t worry about blogging! We’re not going anywhere on this end.

  4. Sorry for your loss. Sending Love Light Comfort and Grace. As well as a wish for some available moments to sit and knit.

  5. I’m so sorry Karen…sending peace, comfort and lots of hugs. Please take this time to be with your family…the knit-along can wait and be rescheduled- we’re not going anywhere. So what if it happens next week, or the week after, or next month for that matter? We’ll patiently be waiting…safe travels and God bless!

  6. Sorry for your loss and like others have said, take time to be with family! Safe journeys and yes we will be here.

  7. So sorry to hear of your loss. Sending hugs and good thoughts to your family. We’ll be here when you get back 😌

  8. I’m very sorry to learn of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. Please travel safely.

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