Best of Resort 2017: Red, white (ish) and blue

Best of Resort 2017: Red, white (ish) and blue

It seemed like today was a good day to offer you something quick and light, and as I continued my way through the Resort 2017 collections, I realized nearly all my saves were red, white (ok, ivory) and blue! BLOG FATE.

Let’s take it in reverse. First, up there are two killer navy-blue sweaters from Sea, which has managed to be among my favorites for several seasons running now. The little sleeveless sweater is reminiscent of granny-square garments, but it’s knitting and bobbles (and white shirting side panels) and so good. And while I think I only love it as a part of this outfit on the whole, I am loving that long slinky ribbed tunic — which I believe is only apron-length in the front, and is also worn here the other way around — over the sculpted-sleeve white blouse and wide pants.

Then there’s the ivory:

Best of Resort 2017: Red, white (ish) and blue

The strategically sheer tank is Maiyet; the fringed skirt is Rosetta Getty; the cropped turtleneck is A.L.C.; and the last two splendorous ribbed beauties are Joseph. Joseph has been so good the last couple seasons I don’t even have the power of language to describe my response to the images. But for the red in this equation, I give you the following, also from Joseph:

Best of Resort 2017: Red, white (ish) and blue

I’m pretty sure I actually died for 30 seconds upon seeing this image, came back to life with my head in my hands, fully mute, and couldn’t do anything but stare at it for at least 10 minutes. You all know how I feel about red, and as much as I want this dress on me immediately and forever it would have to not be red. But this red dress with those pink shoes? I envy this girl for getting to wear it and stand there for this moment. It’s magic.

If anyone knows of a sewing pattern even remotely in the vicinity of this dress (or a monk’s robe pattern!) that I can adapt to something like this, please speak up.

For those of you in the US, happy 4th of July! And happy Monday to the rest of you! ;)


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11 thoughts on “Best of Resort 2017: Red, white (ish) and blue

  1. I wear a similar garment to the red dress when I acolyte at church. You might look for a “cassock” pattern. Good luck!

  2. Happy 4th to you too! I just saw that McCalls has a tunic pattern that could be lengthened and spread to achieve the look. Check out #7018. Vintage McCalls #2079, if you can find it, is very close also, but it is in men’s sizes I believe. Etsy and ebay both have listings for McCall’s #5940 vintage house dresses with a similar look also.

    Good luck.

  3. Pretty awesome! The first ivory tunic reminds me of a Vogue pattern from a couple of summers ago. The monk dress : do you secretely wish to live in a monastery?

  4. Wow, height is sure a problem for me when looking at these fashions. There are 2 things I could actually do. The little vest that is channeling granny squares (without shirting! – don’t love that and it would be equally cute over a thin poorboy style turtleneck) and the cropped sweater would work for me. The vest has me thinking…..

  5. Try Pattern Fantastique’s Celestial Dress. The drape is similar and it’s a really wonderful pattern. I’m a novice sewer and it’s by far the best “finished” look I’ve achieved. Great instructions, interesting finishes, perfect for summer and I envisage more short-sleeved versions in my wardrobe to layer in Aumtumn/winter.

  6. Wow. I DID look up a cassock pattern, and Butterick has almost exactly what you’re looking for! (B6844) That was a great call, Kelsey.

  7. The critical elements are the neck gathers and the band-collar and placket. The gathered neck is the part I would have no idea how to edit a pattern to create — no clue what shape that pattern piece would need to be in order to gather in correctly at the band collar like that. So that’s really what I’m looking for in a pattern.

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