New Favorites: Kveta

New Favorites: Kveta by Amy Christoffers

Ok, in all honesty, I chuckle a lot about the number of garter-stitch shawl patterns that get published in any given month. And yet today I’m favoriting Kveta by Amy Christoffers, one of the simplest garter-stitch shawls I’ve ever seen! But often the simplest things really are the most appealing. You can guess that in my mind this is not the technicolor dream shawl pictured but the same thing in a nice quiet neutral — or at least a solid. There’s something I like about the scale of it on this girl, but what’s reeling me in is the notion of the low-fuss, drop-stitch fringe method. I just really want to do that. And using 2 skeins of worsted/aran weight yarn, just imagine how many options there must be in my stash.


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  1. I’m doing a garter stitch shawl based on the parthenon in nashville!!! but holy wow garter stitch is so boring! but I’m glad to be getting rid of some fingering weight yarn from my stash

  2. This is simple and sweet. All my girls have taken to wearing my shawls, which I love. It might be nice to add a few into the basket just for them!

  3. I have that shawl in my faves. Reminds me of a baktus, which I have knit several times. So simple and unfussy, and can be made with any weight and type of yarn, any size. I will probably make it as a solid, in a lighter weight. I don’t usually go for fringe because it gets sloppy looking quickly, but this knit version should stay nice.

    • It definitely depends a lot on the yarn itself, the way the fringe is created, how long and how much of it. I think this could be just right!

  4. Yes, this simple shawl is wonderful! I’ve been finding myself looking longingly at bright colors, so that was what snagged me also.

  5. Love it! Might be a good stash buster! I fav’d it on Ravelry. You always have the best ideas. I can’t tell you how often I have been inspired, bought, knitted from here. My Anna Vest is nearing completion. Thank you! Love it!

  6. Ditto to what Peggy said about your inspiration! I love all of the beautiful shawls out there, but I always am drawn to the garter stitch shawls. Thanks for this find!

  7. Having knit things with dropped-stitch fringe, I can confirm that it is enormously fun and satisfying. Feels like a bit of a magic trick to me, every time (you thought I was just knitting but… voilà! fringe!)

    I also like the scale of this shawl on the model a lot, but… it’s not possible to actually wear a shawl like that, is it? I can’t completely see, but it looks to me like one third of it is just hanging free behind her left shoulder? I’m wondering what shape/size of shawl you’d need to get this sort of impression of scale and shape when the shawl is arranged in a way that makes it wearable in real life.

  8. I actually have been ordering lots of single skeins of yarn lately, so this might be the perfect solution to my growing single skein problem!

  9. I was thinking this was a great stash-busting project, and then I saw the yarn in my LYS this weekend. Gorgeous! Kind of silky and rustic at the same time. I love the colorway shown too. Sigh. Will I ever use my stash?

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