New Favorites: Andean-inspired hats

New Favorites: Andean-inspired hats

It’s making me laugh how hilariously out-of-season this is, but with the sopping wet blaze of summer upon us, all I can do is dream of Fall. It’s NEXT, y’all — it’s coming! In the Early Fall 2016 issue of Vogue Knitting, there’s a whole collection of Andean-style hat patterns, aka chullos, and what better to fuel Fall dreams? I find chullos completely mesmerizing, and have repeatedly lingered over the Purl Soho collection of finished ones (now on sale, even!) trying to figure out if I would ever actually wear one or just hang it on the wall. And I have no idea which of the Vogue patterns might be more or less authentic than any of the others, but these are the two I’m smitten with (despite the headache-inducing red background) —

TOP: #18 Textured Chullo Hat by Laura Zukaite with all its amazing texture and tassels (the Andean tassels are everything to me)

BOTTOM: #14 Andean Chullo Hat by Deborah Newton with its great patchwork of colorwork motifs; I’d love to see this one in black and natural


In shop news, we’ve restocked a few missing bestsellers lately: The repair hooks, the rosewood crochet hooks and the Twig & Horn blocking soap bars are all currently available in all materials, sizes and scents! And we’re down to the last handful of Sheepmoji totes, just sayin’.

Thanks for all the great input this week, everyone — stay cool this weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!


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  1. You’re right, the question is whether a chullo would be worn or just displayed. I dreamed of knitting one for years — another VK pattern from one of their “best of” books. Once I finally knit it, it sat on the Styrofoam head in my knitting room for a year. Now that I live in a ski town, I can wear it on a snowy day without feeling odd. So the answer to your question might depend on your travel plans.

  2. love these hats…although you’re right, it does seem strange perusing winter head gear during the height of the summer months…but why not!

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