Idea Log: The cinched shift, take two

Idea Log: The cinched shift, take two

Ever since I cut out that black sleeveless top, I’ve been imagining it with pockets (inspired by my beloved linen tunic’s slant-patch pockets) and also as a very simple dress. My idea of the ideal dress length has morphed as a result of the muumuu and my acquisition of an Earthen Slip, which I want to wear every day, every way. So the hemline on this imagined dress keeps dropping. And after seeing the Ulla Johnson jumpsuit I raved about in last Tuesday’s post, the pocketed top and dress ideas bled into one, now with an elastic casing a la Ulla. The funny thing is, as I was sketching this, I realized it’s really an iteration of the cinched shift idea I posted last July. Which means sooner or later (sooner, please!) some version of this is going to make it off the page and into my closet.

By the way, if anyone knows of an existing pattern for this — seems like it must be out there! — please let me know.

(Fashionary sketch template via Fringe Supply Co., as usual.)


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14 thoughts on “Idea Log: The cinched shift, take two

  1. The Staple dress has the cinching. Just add pockets. Or the new Grainlinestudio dress with a waist casing added plus pockets.

    • Oh, that looks like a great pattern. If I’m adding the casing and pockets, I can do that to what I already have drafted. But that’s a good one to refer people to who are wanting mine.

  2. And is there a pattern similar to that lovely Earthen Slip? It looks so useful!

  3. The suggestions look like over-the-head necklines. You’ve drawn something that looks smaller, like it would need a key hole, shoulder buttons, . . . something to get over the head.

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  5. Please, please make this into a pattern – it is exactly what I am looking for and cannot find!

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