First of the Best of Resort 2017: Ulla’s peasant cables

First of the Best of Resort 2017: Ulla Johnson

You guys know me as a minimalist, but there’s another me — the one who has never gotten over the peasant skirts of my childhood, and who has always suspected that instead of being born in 1968, I was meant to be at Haight-Ashbury that year. My inner hippie stays fairly well-hidden — mostly appearing only in my love of big turquoise jewelry and wide-leg pants. But nobody tempts me like Ulla Johnson, who routinely puts out the dreamiest flowy tops and slouchy skirts and embroidered and tasseled everything — and her Resort 2017 collection is no exception. Minimal-me always gets a little itchy when designers get carried away with a cable sweater, but you’ll understand why I’m 100% in favor of Ulla Johnson making this blush cable sweater with the spirit of a peasant top.

I’m also fairly obsessed with the two garments above — the dress and the playsuit I’d like to make into a dress — which could be classified as boho minimalist or something.

And then there’s her fringe. I saw one of her fringed ponchos (all natural) at a local shop a couple of months ago and I still don’t understand how I left without it, but the jacket below might be even more amazing. And I’ll definitely be thinking about suspendered full skirts over shrunken sweater-tees for next season …

First of the Best of Resort 2017: Ulla Johnson

15 thoughts on “First of the Best of Resort 2017: Ulla’s peasant cables

  1. Ohhhhh my! Well, I was born in 1956 and agree with everything you have said about this collection!😉💕

  2. I’m certain I owned much of this collection at one time, but oh, those fringy jackets! I think look #10 would look great on you, Karen. While I LUV look #24, #28 is probably better suited for the shape I’m currently in. I like her cables.

  3. clicking on that link to the collection made my heart hurt a little. that fringe!!

  4. WOW I love it!! I also love these posts, it’s so interesting to see knitting on high end runways!!

  5. I’m obsessed with that shade of pink currently. I too am a secret flower child but I was born in 78. My Mom always said I was born in the wrong era ;)

  6. Very interesting collection. Especially love the suspended skirt– almost identical to one I wore in 19659-60 to grammar school!

  7. The sweater reminds me of Kestrel in the Anemone colorway. Any suggestions of a lookalike pattern for Knit the Look?

  8. What! I’m a 1968 girl too, and my mother joked when I was 20 that I should have lived during the peace and love period. Yeah, I totally get these obsessions, and I love that last blue plaid skirt. Thanks for sharing these.

  9. I’m veeery intrigued by the construction of the blue top (under the suspender skirts) and, of course, the blush cable, although the latter seems to incorporate horizontal and vertical knitting techniques (am I saying that in a way that makes sense?). Can’t figure out the stitch for the blue long johns-type sweater, however. All of these things are gorgeous and I am 100% in favor of you experimenting with variations on any one of them on this here blog.

  10. I admit the fringe is a little over the top for me, but those other garments are SWOON-WORTHY! I’ll just have one of everything in chambray blue, please?

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