Queue Check — May 2016

Queue Check — May 2016

Of the three sweaters I was planning to cast on in last month’s Queue Check, one is finished and one is actually not cast on yet. I hurried up and got the camel yarn for my Channel Cardigan intending to start it on the drive to Florida, but once in the car realized I couldn’t do the actual cast-on as I hadn’t brought any waste yarn and the needles I needed weren’t in my case. I am an undying fan of the tubular cast-on that BT uses in their patterns; I’ve probably said this a hundred times before but it is so much better than any other “tubular” version I’ve encountered. So no way was I going to skip over it for expediency in this particular case. I want every detail of that sweater to be perfect.

With Flex finished and Channel in waiting, that leaves my Linen Quill cardigan (improvised top-down) as the object of my current affection. I cast this one on in the car, wished like hell I’d brought it with me on the boat, and then set it aside to finish Flex — knowing that if I set Flex aside for even a moment, I might not pick it back up again. This one is just a dream to knit. The yarn is so pleasing in my hands and I’ve never done a cardigan top-down before, so I’ve had fun with the yoke calculations and shaping, and just got the sleeves separated over the weekend. Once it’s fully into the boring stockinette body phase, I’ll cast on Channel so I’ll have the two to choose from, according to circumstances.

I also have one little must-knit project for June, which I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about. So I’ll tell you about that when I can!

On the sewing front, TNNA (the yarn trade show) is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping to make a new dress before then. Because truly all I want is dresses and sweaters right now.


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  1. Hello,

    I am wondering what type of needles and cast-on you are referring to regarding BT. All I ever see is the Long Tail Method they use for their pullovers.


    kind regards,

    elsje van de weg the netherlands

    > I hadn’t brought any waste yarn and the needles I needed weren’t in my case. I am an undying fan of the tubular cast-on that BT uses in their patterns;

    > Op 30 mei 2016, om 14:01 heeft Fringe Association het volgende geschreven: > >

  2. Hi, Karen,
    I really enjoy how you break knitting down to an understandable level. Is it possible for you to to do a tutorial on the tubular cast-on used in the Brooklyn Tweed patterns? I have two beautiful scarves to knit (Guilder & Quay) but cannot figure out their tubular cast-on method. Love your blog.

    • I don’t know if it belongs to anyone, per se, but I’m curious to know. What part do you have trouble understanding from their instructions? I’ll help if I can!

  3. I agree 100% with your love of the tubular CO BT uses — I keep trying others and always come back to it!

    I knit Channel a couple years ago but made some yarn dye-lot mistakes that made me not love the FO. I loved the yarn I used — Green Mountain Spinnery’s gorgeous Green Mountain Green — and think I will give this another go using the exact same yarn. Meanwhile, I really look forward to seeing your version!

  4. The color pallet you knit with is completely lovely. Can’t wait to see your progress on the camel sweater!

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