KTFO-2016.8 : Not-so-secret Flex tee

FO: Flex tee by Heidi Kirrmaeir

Dear Sister—

If you’re reading this blog post, then the cat’s out of the bag. I’ve been knitting this little Flex tee — started it right under your nose while we were out on your boat a few weeks ago — and what I haven’t been letting on is that it’s for you. Sort of. Happy birthday!

My original idea was I’d knit one for each of us, so we could be matchy, like when we were little and cute and Mom still made our clothes. I thought if I could finish it while we were together, I’d have you try it on — and assuming you liked it, I’d give you the choice between having this one or picking a different color from the offerings, and then I’d knit that up for you. But as it turns out, I really hope you like the off-black one, because I don’t want to knit this pattern again!* Cute as the finished top may be. And it is really cute.

I’ve long wanted to knit you a sweater but you live in Florida, so that’s a bit of a challenge. This one’s linen, which means it should be useful for you year-round — plus you can machine-wash it, throw it in the dryer, iron it if you feel like it. It will get softer and softer, as linen does. I think you’ll love it.

You may recall from seeing the yarn that it’s not quite as black as it looks in these photos. Still, are Floridians allowed to wear black? Near-black? Very very very dark grey? I hope so!

Love you—

p.s. It’s also cute (cuter? I think cuter) worn backwards:

FO: Flex tee by Heidi Kirrmaeir

Pattern: Flex by Heidi Kirrmaeir
Yarn: Quince and Co. Kestrel in Ash
Modifications: None
Tools pictured: leather stitch marker pouch, owl scissors, Bookhou pouch, Fringe Supply Field Bag, tapestry needles

>> More pics and details on Ravelry and Instagram

* I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow 


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18 thoughts on “KTFO-2016.8 : Not-so-secret Flex tee

  1. It’s REALLY NICE! What don’t you like about the pattern? (You’re right! It looks cute backwards!)

    • I just now saw that you put that you’ll have more to say about that tomorrow. (I looked for the asterisk, too! I didn’t catch it under there.)

  2. I did not love this patter either, and I decided it’s because I couldn’t envision how I was getting to the finished project until I was nearly done. I wanted to love it and while I followed the pattern mine ended up not really fitting right. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to frog and redo – oh well, still learned a few things. Yours looks great, and I think the idea of wearing it backwards it definitely cuter!!!

  3. I am more impressed with the way your tool bag and scissors match the tee and yarn!
    I bought the pattern so I am eager to hear what was not fun:(

  4. I love Heidi’s patterns, too. I find them to be fun and engaging and written with such care. I will be interested to see what tripped you up. The end result is beautiful, and a gift anyone would love.

  5. I am guessing it was the yarn and not the pattern. I am normally don’t love knitting with cellulose yarns but very much disliked knitting with the kestrel. I would like to try their lighter weight linen though. And I love wearing my finished kestrel tank, just didn’t like knitting it.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this pattern. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m so very delighted with the result. If my queue was not so very long and compelling, I would give this one a second knit. Quick, interesting and a wearable garment (my highest compliment).

  7. I think it’s adorable–I certainly can’t argue with the result! Looking forward to the next post, because I’m really curious now.

  8. Was thinking of starting this tee, but am anxious to hear about your experience knitting this pattern first!

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  10. I am totally speechless. I LOVE this sweater. Love it! Oh this is the best gift. Thank you so much. And I currently have a linen-only rule. It’s all I want to wear.

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