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Ah, Friday.

– Remember what I said about how the size 38 Anna Vest looks amazing on all different body types? Anna did an awesome post on the Tolt blog showing the sample vest being worn by Tolt staffers of all shapes and sizes (It’s never too late to join the knitalong)

– Style blogger Lee Vosburgh on choosing to forego big brands for ethical ones

– Lovely video of an afghan refugee talking about the joy he gets from his knitting machine (thx, Jess!)

– I happen to know she’s not “the last patternmaker” but I loooove this video about the 82-year-old pattern drafter at Raleigh Denim

– Interesting musings from Ella Gordon about “Shetland” and authenticity — a subject under much debate lately, especially in light of calls for protection of the word Shetland in labeling

Craft as “a little space to collect oneself” — I have so many thoughts on this I don’t know where to start

– Related: the relaxation response to sewing and knitting

– Clara Parkes has landed knitting (or more specifically, “Knitlandia”) on the New York Times bestseller list!

– And speaking of knitting books, this Kickstarter involves a whole bunch of my favorite people

This face

This yarn

Lucky pooch

Lucky kid

IN SHOP NEWS: We currently have every size and color of Bento Bags on the shelf. Hooray!

Make sure you get in a bunch of that “relaxation response” this weekend, lovely people! See you next week—



Photos (l to r) from Tolt Yarn and Wool, Edinburgh Yarn Fest, Ella Gordon/Shetland Museum

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  1. OMG – Anna’s photos of the Tolt gals was adorable!!! Just finished the back and two pocket pieces… on to the front panels soon. the photos were inspiring!

  2. the anna vest looks so good on the ladies!!! also that pattern drafter is so bad ass

  3. I so enjoyed the video of the Afghan refugee and his knitting machine. It always amazes me how this craft can completely transform a person’s mental space and outlook, even if only for the time they’re working the yarn.

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