New Favorites: For the hat list

New Favorites: For the hat list

My aforementioned urge to sit around knitting hats all the time, relishing in the variety, continues to be fed by the brilliant designers of the world. These two new cable hat patterns are fairly begging to make it onto my needles:

TOP: Burnaby by Jared Flood is an enticing but simple combo of knit/purl chevrons and basic cables (from the new Brooklyn Tweed Ganseys collection)

BOTTOM: Earlyrising by Annie Rowden is large-scale chainlink cables on a field of garter stitch


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9 thoughts on “New Favorites: For the hat list

  1. The new look book of Brooklyn Tweed – oh my… Burnaby and the big loose sweater Larus just too me away. Life is good!

  2. love them all… in fact every pattern I’ve knit or loved recently has been Brooklyn Tweed. Would appreciate seeing the items on models that weren’t so flat chested though…

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