Best of the Best of Fall 2016: Dries’ epic sweater

Best of the Best of Fall 2016: Dries' epic sweater

Well, in a pretty boring season, the Dries van Noten show was just as reliably interesting as ever, and I’m utterly smitten with the simple slinky boyfriend cardigan that showed up in look after look — over ball skirts and under blazers. (A boyfriend cardigan under a blazer used to be one of my favorite tricks; I can’t believe I haven’t trotted that one out in awhile.) (And speaking of blazers, I’ll take this one, please.) But the absolute, undeniable showstopper of the season was this epic sleeveless sweater tunic. Fashion people are always trying to amp up the classic cable sweater and I almost always think it just looks overworked and silly, but this? This thing is magnificent.

I’d like to see it with that killer awning-stripe skort, and the plaid trousers. Heaven.


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21 thoughts on “Best of the Best of Fall 2016: Dries’ epic sweater

  1. I think why the tunic is so great is because of it’s length and ease. Sometimes cable fitted vests look like you just didn’t have enough yarn for a sweater. There is enough of this vest to make an impact.

  2. that tunic would also be cute over a turtleneck and leggings. I love the pearl net accessory also! unexpected and also interesting!

  3. Hey Karen… unrelated, Anna Vest – do we maintain the stockinette edge on the front pieces, as in the back piece? I’m assuming so but the pattern wasn’t written as such so (of course – being a “by the pattern” kinda knitter) I’m questioning.

    • Hi, Marci. The pattern is written with stockinette selvage on all edges, front and back, and is also written such that when you seam the sides together, the stitch pattern aligns properly. As long as you knit it as written, all is well!

  4. This might just change my mind from knitting a traditional aran sweater to knitting an aran-inspired oversized vest. I already have the yarn…

  5. I think the fishnet hanging down is quite hilarious. JUST IN CASE we didn’t get that it was a fisherman’s sweater-type thing. They should have had her eating some Mrs Paul’s fishsticks just in case.

    • There’s sort of a flapper aspect to the whole collection, so as much as I don’t like this particular doodad, I like that intersection of the flapper vibe and the fisherman vibe.

  6. Wow. I didn’t realize how much I was missing until I went through the “details” slide show.

  7. I dislike bobbles and “honeycomb” type cables, both of which are located in the center panel of the vest. The whole garment is a bit too far oversized to be flattering. It keeps me thinking of a size 20 sweater on a size 2 body. Somehow, flappers seemed to have more elegance.

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