First of the Best of Fall 2016: Hat hair

First of the Best of Fall 2016: Hat hair

The many weeks of Fall 2016 Fashion Week have begun, and I love the Steven Alan collection just as much as I always do. It’s just what it always is: simple and classic with a tiny bit of an edge, always a little something unexpected. There’s really never anything I don’t like — and I like everything about this one. But what I like best here are the simple ribbed beanies; and this messy, loopy, off-center pony-bun; and most of all, the way the beanie looks on this pony-bun.


10 thoughts on “First of the Best of Fall 2016: Hat hair

  1. Love that cropped, swingy jacket as well. I feel like I have seen something similar in the sewing world.

  2. Mmmm … yeah, love it. Simple solids that all work with each other. Except for that plaid menswear topper, the colors of which are so unusual and beautiful…

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