New Favorites: Crochet goals

New Favorites: Crochet goals

The Spring issue of PomPom has landed, and it’s a beaut. All 9 patterns are worked up in undyed yarns, which makes my heart go pitty-pat. But the big surprise is that two of my favorites from this batch are crochet patterns, which really makes me want to up my crochet game, quick!

TOP: Imitation by Judith Brand is a lovely pair of fingerless mitts in a mesh stitch

BOTTOM: Unfold by Yuliya Tkacheva is a simple cowl in an awesome geometric textured stitch

It’s baffling to me that these are crochet stitches!

I’m also particularly in love with one of the pullovers, Right Angle, but the whole collection is intriguing. We have copies available at Fringe Supply Co., along with a short stack of the winter issue, in case you missed out on that during the holidays. And while I’m at it: the handmade hand looms are back in stock, as are the sold-out fabrics of the beloved Bookhou tool pouch — the two waxed canvases and the immensely popular Veld print.


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: Crochet goals

  1. I knew you would love this totally natural, bare issue. Like you, I want to get serious about crochet and move beyond the chain and single crochet stitches. These are a powerful incentive.

  2. My one crochet endeavor is taking left over yarn and making small bowls – which I love to do (with buttons.) But I took one look at those mitts and a big “I WANT!” went through me. Oh, ya…

  3. I can’t seem to get past the days of making crocheted granny square vests and hot pants( those horrible 70’s:). Those mitts do look like they were knitted though.

    • If you’re still feeling the old granny square blues, do a google image search for Sophie Digard. Granny squares of a scale and palette like you’ve never seen.

      • I’m not a big fan of crochet (so I thought), until I looked at the suggested link to Sophie Digard’s pinterest boards. Wow, thanks for sharing…beautiful works of art.

  4. oh wow, crochet! oddly enough, I find it so easy to lose track of my stitches/shape/pattern in crochet even though I find knitting techniques harder to master. I do like that you can crochet in three dimensions, it does make for interesting fiber art!

  5. Very interesting stitches! I agree with the previous poster about Sophie Digard’s work. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while.

  6. Have never heard of Pom Pom mag before. Is that bad? Anyway, thanks for introducing me to it! Their patterns look lovely.

  7. you can do it Karen! these both look like very simple patterns — and i’m adding both to my queue (in addition to the Riveret sweater which i haven’t stopped thinking about since the moment i saw it) so if you do get stuck i might be able to help ;n)

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