Q for You: What are your favorite podcasts?

Q for You: What are your favorite podcasts?

I’m probably not supposed to confess this publicly, but I almost never listen to podcasts. I know they’re where it’s at these days; I just don’t live a life that leaves a lot of room for audio,* so I’ve never developed the habit. I did manage to listen to most of knit.fm while it existed, thanks in part to several solo daytrips to the Atlanta Ikea after our move. (And you should totally, definitely, 100% listen to every episode if you haven’t already — so much great information packed in there.) I listen to Woolful if I listen to anything, especially when it’s a friend being interviewed, as is very often the case. But I know I’m missing out on tons of other good stuff. A few newer ones recently added to my very long unlistened-to list are:

Why Do We Have Things? from the American Edit blog

The Seams from NPR (“dedicated to the human experience of wearing clothing”)

The Stash Podcast from the crew at Stash yarn store in Oregon

Morning on the Dock** from Elizabeth Duvivier of Squam fame

And again, those are just some of the newer ones. I have a list, a long list, but very little listening time — and I’m sure there’s all kinds of greatness I’m not even aware of. So that’s my Q for You this week: What podcasts do you find riveting, and when and how do you listen to them?

*I know the obvious answer is “listen while you knit!” but I knit in the evenings while hanging out with my husband, who isn’t likely interested in yarny podcasts.

**Coincidentally, as I was working on this post, I had an email from Elizabeth asking me to be on hers this spring, so I better get listening!

p.s. The yarn in the photo is some beautiful alpaca handspun given to me awhile back by my friend Rebekka.

78 thoughts on “Q for You: What are your favorite podcasts?

  1. I love the Pomcast, because I love Pom Pom, because Lydia and Sophie interview some really fantastic folks, and because they make me feel like I’m just in the room hanging out with them. http://www.pompommag.com/category/podcast/

    And it’s not much use to you, but if any of your readers speak Norwegian, I love Marthe&Marthe as well, which I just started listening to a few months ago (it’s also very laid back and conversational, which makes it excellent language practice for me). http://www.martheogmarthe.com/episoder/

    And I’m a huge, huge fan of Felix of Knitsonik and I love her podcast, even if it’s got less of a regular format. It’s completely unique, though, and I love her exploration of sound and how it overlaps with textiles, knitting, place, inspiration, and so many other things. http://www.knitsonik.com/category/knitsonik-podcasts/

  2. I have never listened to a podcast, and I never will. I get nothing out of listening. If I can’t see it – read it, then it doesn’t exist in my world.

    • If you are a visual person there are some great video-casts out there on Itunes and Youtube. I don’t know if that would interest you but the Knit Girllls have a great show and I love watching a couple about spinning- Fiber Trek and Wool n Spinning. I know there are other great ones out there but you may not have the time or inclination to add them to your life.

  3. I love podcasts. Depending on where you are…i.e. no TV, radio or internet, you can still be entertained or informed. My favorites are The Thomas Jefferson Hour, Freakonmics and This American Life. I have also downloaded The Serial and hope to start listening soon. ITunes has so many to choose from. I wish I had more time to explore.

  4. Never listened to a podcast, prefer watching a video podcast. Wish more podcasters would have their videos on iTunes as well, since my older version of Apple TV does not support utube anymore. There is a limited number of good video podcasts on iTunes

  5. I love podcasts. They are the ideal way to receive content, inspiration, news, thought provoking ideas and are great companions for knitting, walking, running and commuting. My favorites: Cast on (archived), A playful day, Pompom, NPR Books, NYT Book Review, Debbie Millman’s Design Matters, Krista Tippet’s On Being (amazing-especially the unedited versions), Death, Sex & Money, Dear Sugar, Woolful (of course), Longform podcast, Fresh Air (the gold standard of podcasts), Have Company (a new fav), Slow Home podcast (also a current love), Modern Love (also new), Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Whew! It’s obvious I fall in the pro-podcast camp and accomplish a lot of knitting, walking and commuting while podcasting.

    • Thanks for this list, Carol. I’ve added several to MY list. Another book podcast I like is Books on the Nightstand.

    • Thank you so much for this comment, and for this entire post!!! I have literally been hoping for a post like this because I’m addicted to Woolful and Ashley can’t post often enough to keep up with my hour long commute and penchant for long walks. :) LOVE these suggestions!!

  6. I listen to podcasts all day every day while I do my work hand dyeing yarn or packaging orders. My favourites are: Home of the Brave, Rumble Strip Vermont, Life of the Law, Criminal, Serial, the Longest Shortest Time, Radiolab, Strangers, and This American Life. I am interested what others listen to – since I am always running out of new content.

    • Megan, check out The Moth Radio Hour – Real people telling real life stories – funny, sad, touching, dramatic, intriguing, the Moth has it all. It’s a brilliant, and I am always touched by the honesty of the storytellers, and how willing they are to open up.

  7. I listen to a lot of podcasts. They are perfect when I’m knitting, commuting, or cleaning. I’m really loving Cognitive. Dr. Gemma is kind, opinionated, and interesting. I hope she puts out another podcast soon. I also love The Knit Girllls, Curious Handmade, Knitmore Girls, Shiny Bees, Power Purls, and Pom Pom. I’ve learned so much from all of them and I appreciate their incites. My favorite non-knitting podcasts are Citizen Radio, Hidden Brain, Note to Self, Stuff Mom Never Told You and The Read. I rarely have time to read, so podcasts really help me keep up with current events, science, feminism, and fiber arts.

  8. I love listening to podcasts. I am a very auditory learner and I find listening to the radio, music or podcasts to be very soothing. I do have to be aware that listening to conversation takes my attention so I can’t do it while I need to concentrate on something else. But I do loads of automatic things every day and that’s when I listen to podcasts.

    I personally use ITunes and an IPod to listen. It’s easy to subscribe and small so I can carry it around with me. I tuck it in my pocket and I listen on my daily walks to nursery, while I excercise, while I do the dishes or prepare dinner, while sitting at my kid’s swimming lessons, on car rides, while running errands or while on the train. When I worked in an office I used to have my headphones in a lot while sitting at my desk if the job was a bit more basic and didn’t require loads of thought.

    Because I am such a fan of listening I follow all kinds of podcasts from history to literature, from comedy to knitting and spinning. My favourite crafting podcasts (audio) are Knitmore Girls, KnitBritish, Caithness Craft, Curious Handmade, and Knitting Pipeline. I follow many different podcasts but those are the ones I make sure I listen to. It really depends on what you look for – education, chat, entertainment, KALs and group projects, or local events and news.

    There is no way to keep up with all the great content out there. It’s just not possible or even desirable (in my mind) to do it all. I prefer a few that I really feel connected to and where I can participate and get a lot of learning. It’s kind of like a virtual version of my knitting and spinning groups in real life. I don’t want to be overwhelmed so I try to find a few ways to be connected that support my goals and wellbeing. I hope that is helpful in some way.

  9. I love podcasts (though I too have limited listening time) but am embarrassed to say I didn’t even know there WERE knitting podcasts!! I own a bakery so listen to a lot of food ‘casts – I’ll look forward to seeing what podcasts people like and will check out the ones you mention above.

  10. Serial is worth a listen – I listened to it with my family while sitting around the living room. We’ve never done that before, so I wouldn’t put it past you and your fella. Gripping radio! I also love Here’s The Thing (Alec Baldwin is a surprisingly effective interviewer).

  11. I listen to The Knitting Boutique’s podcast, “Saturday Morning Breakfast Club”, and occasionally to Webs’ podcast, “Ready Set Knit”.

  12. Okay that’s a line I am going to steal…”I live a life that doesn’t leave a lot of room for audio”. I’ve never had a good answer to “listen while you knit” but like you I knit with my hubby so podcasts aren’t something I’ve pursued. ‘Going to check out the list above though…’should really try to squeeze in a listen somewhere.

  13. I have tried listening to quite a few but there is only one I gave stuck with, Truly Myrtle. I listen to her while I sew and it’s like having a one sided chat with a friend :)

  14. The Woolful podcast, OF COURSE ;) And my second fave is the Pomcast, Lydia and Sophie are totally hilarious and they also have great guests!

  15. woolfolk, Elise Gets Crafty, Field of Geeks (don’t judge, they are funny), Never Not Knitting. These are my top 3 at the moment. oh and Cherry Hearts video podcasts.

  16. For audio podcast you should definitely listen to Curioushandmade, Knit British, A Playful Day and Shiny Bees and Fluffy Fibers.

    As for video, you shouldn’t miss Tiny Paper Foxes (Jennie & Devon), AndreSueKnits (Andie), Sticks+Twine (Eric), Stitched in Sweden (Maria), Knitting Expat Podcast (Mina), Fiber Trek (Rachel) and Little Bobbins Knits (Dani).

    • Thank you, Nana, for the suggestions!
      I used to listen to a lot more fiber video podcasts (including several of the ones you mentioned) but I grew weary of the commercials. “Look what so-and-so sent me; you should really check out her store (hint hint: so she’ll sent more free stuff)”. Also I have a hard time with the up-speak so many people now use. And, finally, I really don’t care what kind of tea the hosts are drinking or the mugs they’re drinking out of.
      For a breath of fresh air, I watch Knit Nottingham or listen to The Moth (10 minute stories on a significant event in the the lives of the storytellers.)

  17. I must confess, I have been listening/watching a few knitting podcasts on YouTube because I just had to see for myself what all the fuss was about(I, too, heard they were all the rage.) And after watching several over the past week I’ve come to the following conclusions: most are glorified “show and tells”, i.e., here’s what I’m knitting, here’s what I’ve finished, and here’s my wips. Then they do a segment called “acquisitions” where they show us how much yarn they buy in any given week or from a recent yarn crawl or festival. Can I say here that these people spend more money on yarn than most families of 4 spend on groceries in a week?? Wow. I have to believe that some of the yarn is “gifted” to them by yarn companies/indie dyers in turn for a mention on the podcast which then makes me feel like I’m watching a commercial. No honest reviews, just more cheer leading. I’d like to see/listen to a knitting podcast that has more substance, but have not found that particular one yet. And truth be told, I don’t think I have the stomach to listen to much more of them.
    In my opinion, just because you knit, have a camera and know how to record with it, doesn’t mean you should.

    • I love your comment, Christine – it is so true. I appreciate the full irony here, since part of my job is to put yarn in the hands of influential podcasters – but I do encourage them to use said yarn to share something worthwhile with their viewers/listeners for the very reasons you laid out here: people want to learn! There’s no shortage of beautiful yarns, and there’s enabling pretty much wherever we look. After a while, people are going to tune out with all of the pretty flying in their face (or, they already have, as in your case). Sharing a tutorial or some other useful tidbit is not only beneficial for viewers, it will help podcasters stand out in the crowd of yarn enabling.

      That said, I have discovered some video podcasts that are really great at sharing something more meaningful than “look at all of the pretty yarn” – off the top of my not-very-caffeinated head, a few of those would be: AndreSue Knits, Revelations of a Delusional Knitter (really great spinning tutorials esp), and A Knitter’s Life. Also, it’s not a podcast, but the Very Pink Knits YouTube channel has a ton of great tutorials, free patterns, and giveaways; I find I often reference her videos when I run into a new technique or random question online.

      • I’m a great fan of Very Pink too, and learned most of new knitting techniques thanks to her. Her videos are so clear, realky the best video tutorials I have ever seen. Now if I could find something similar to learn crochet, that would be perfect.

  18. I listen to so many podcasts – I like to start my day with a cup of tea, half an hour of a podcast and knitting, a very slow warm-up to being fully active! I also listen when walking from the subway to work, cooking and cleaning. I have a small bluetooth speaker which means that I can listen at home without having to have headphones in, which I really like.

    For recommendations – Serial season 1 as mentioned above, gripped my whole family across our different corners of the globe and we’d discuss on email afterwards. (Season 2 is very different but also interesting). Then Woolful, Reply All, Mystery Show, Start-Up, Death Sex and Money, Invisibilia, This American Life, RadioLab, Slate’s Political Gabfest, Slate’s Culture Gabfest, Surprisingly Awesome are my current favourites.

  19. I love Podcasts. Always on the hunt for a good one to listen to, so thanks for this post!!

    I love all the NPR radio programs that I can go back in archives & listen to as a podcast, like Fresh Air, Diane Rehm, Best of Car Talk .. Knitwise, I enjoy A Playful Day, Woolful, and Knit.fm.

    Hardcore History is another great one of history lovers out there.

  20. Wow, so excited to hear about a number of podcasts I have never heard of before. I listen to a number of podcasts–while knitting or sewing, of course–but also while cleaning or gardening or cooking, but often just when driving. I particularly love a number of podcasts from Slate–Slate Culture Gabfest, Slate Double XX, Slate Mom and Dad are Fighting, Slate Political Gabfest, but I also love Filmspotting, Woolfolk, Fresh Air, Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR), Burnt Toast, and a new one for me this week, Modern Love, is lovely.

  21. Podcasts are the only way I can get through folding laundry or solo long drives in the car but I rarely listen while knitting for some reason. My go to faves are Woolful and Stash and Burn with Nicole and Jenny. I did enjoy Knit.FM while it lasted. I do listen to various public radio podcasts from time to time. I look forward to checking out some new to me podcasts in the comments above.

  22. omg I’ve been waiting for this post!!!! I listen to podcasts and talk radio when I’m knitting, cooking, cleaning or other art making. I just listened to your podcast on aplayfulday KT!! you are so darling and so inspiring!

    Marlee Grace, if you’re reading, please know that I have listened to all of Have Company’s podcasts at least six times a piece. You and your guests are so enlightening when it comes to creativity, challenging when I need to push myself and gentle when I need to take care of myself.

    I also listen to woolful, I’m sure everyone else here is familiar.

    I listen to a lot of radiotopia: 99% invisible is about design but it’s also a history of objects (like neon signs and fortune cookies). I listen to criminal which is “true crime” but more subtle than what you’re thinking of. The last episode was about someone who poisoned a heritage oak in austin!

    my current favorite podcast is fugitive waves with the kitchen sisters. it took me a while to get into because it’s more of a soundscape than a podcast but it’s also immersive. I love their episodes about kitchens (women in kitchens, soviet kitchens, kitchens in texas, kitchens in prison) and they also have great episodes about cultural history (the first women on radio, the first black radio DJ).

    I also listen to dear sugar when I need some of cheryl strayed’s advice lol

    ALSO ONE MORE THING – check with your local public library to see if you can download an app for F R E E A U D I O B O O K S. In Chicago, the CPL has partnered with hoopla and I listen to all kinds of books via my phone!!

    • one more! homesteady! it’s about living/growing/making a farm. they’ve had episodes about making bread, keeping bees, chopping firewood. I’m waiting for them to do a wool episode!

        • when I first listened through it, I only listened to the ones that were about things I was interested in but then I went back and listened to the ones I didn’t in the first go. I’ve listened to them all a few times now!!

      • Ooh! Thanks for the rec– I’ll check out Homesteady! I am a city slicker with a secret fantasy of living on a farm, so that sounds really interesting! I also adore Criminal, too. :)

  23. Podcasts and video podcasts help me get through my work day and commute home. I love Voolenvine, A HomeSpun House, Knitting Expat, Stitched in Sweden, Wooful, Knitmore Girls, The Knit Girlls, Gynx Yarn and Junk Yarn.
    Looking through everyone’s list, I’m excited to listen to Serial, Books on the Nightstand, Fresh and NPR books. Thank you for the suggestions!
    Happy listening/viewing everyone!

  24. love this one!
    my first and best love is this american life- love when ira glass laughs out loud.
    serial is so good- it has you going back and forth each week.
    i have really enjoyed why do we have things- i can really identify with the women interviewed and love the values.
    i like freakonomics too.
    i listen while i craft in the afternoons, of course. :)

  25. As a small business owner, I find “Start Up” from Gimlet Media to be fascinating. It’s a series about what it’s really like to start a business. What I found/find heartening is that someone like, Alex Blumberg (of “This American Life” fame), had/has awkward business moments, just like the rest of us. Definitely worth a listen. Oh, and of course, I adore Woolful.

  26. Sewing / knitting / weaving: podcasts = must! I listen to a ton, and think you’d like 99% Invisible (design), Bullseye (arts/culture/music), Fugitive Waves (a Kitchen Sisters production), Serial, and Radio Lab. I find the Webs podcast to also be worth listening to, as it covers a wide range of companies/makers in the industry.

    Entertaining ones, I listen to Judge John Hodgman, Pop Rocket, and Sawbones. I’m getting into Stuff You Missed in History, too.

    And I listen to PRI’s The World every day. I believe it is the best general world news podcast out there, and they usually discuss issues way before they hit the US news cycles.

  27. So many good recommendations! I don’t think anybody mentioned these yet:

    Cast On by Brenda Dayne. I haven’t listened in a while, but Brenda has a great conversational style and music in her very knitterly podcast. The whole archive is worth listening to.

    The Moth- True stories told live on stage without notes. Really riveting.

    99% Invisible- Quirky and very interesting

    Also, not podcast but librivox has out of copyright audio books read by volunteers, for free. The quality is highly variable but Elizabeth Klett’s (she’s also a knitter) are good, Brenda Dayne’s reading of Age of Innocence is terrific, and if you like a propah British accent, Ruth Golding’s your girl.

  28. 99% Invisible is excellent. It’s usually about 20mins long so easily digested. Subject matter of each episode is framed by the concept of design, in the broadest sense.

  29. I am a musician and teach at a university. I am often on auditory overload, and prefer quiet. But when I want to listen to something it will be a podcast rather than music, and my favorite is “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” on NPR. Absolutely makes me laugh out loud.

  30. I’ve tried several podcasts over the last few years, but only two have stuck. Of course the Woolful podcast is my absolute favorite. I also watch the Junkyarn podcast. Those are the only two that I never miss.

  31. This is a great post. I didn’t know there were so many crafty podcasts out there. I just found Woolful last week (I think from another one of your posts). I have already listened to at least 10 of them. Some of them have been particularly meaningful like the one with Dottie Angel. So, thank you! And now, it seems, there will be many more to explore. The only other crafty related podcast I’ve heard is from Seamwork Magazine https://www.seamwork.com/radio. Some of them have been great and the free magazine is fun to read as well.

  32. I listen to very few podcasts but I am a big fan of Desert Island Discs from BBC Radio 4. It’s an interview show framed by 7 pieces of music chosen by the interview subject to take if they were marooned on a desert island. Fascinating biography and mix of music.

    • That takes me back– I remember being a kid in the 80s and hearing my parents, who are Irish, talking about listening to Desert Island Discs back in the 60s and 70s before we moved to the U.S. Now I’ll have to check that out. :)

  33. I do listen to them all the time – in the car and when I don’t need to concentrate on what I am sewing or knitting. One not listed so far is ‘Craft Lit’. Essentially classic literature, broken into sections with interesting background and interpretation. Things I never understood in school!

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  35. WOOLFUL ALL THE WAY! I also love the Welcome to Night Vale podcast which is slightly weird and is not fiber related, 99% Invisible, The Allusionist, the Have Company podcast, the Pom Pom Quarterly podcast, Curious Handmade, and 6 Bits Storybooks. There isn’t a moment where I’m sitting still — not doing school — and not listening to a podcast. :)

  36. I’m a big fan of the Have Company podcast and knit.fm. I also like catching up with (non-crafty) interviews on WTF and Fresh Air. I usually listen during my morning commute (train and walking) and love when I can knit at the same time!

  37. I go through podcast phases. I’m not in one right now, but the suggestions on here are inspiring me. Thank you to everyone for sharing!

    A few that I like are:
    The Mystery Show on Gimlet Media – compellingly hilarious

    Reply All, also on Gimlet – there’s one priceless episode about an Australian teenager who sets up a Facebook page mocking office culture.
    iProcrastinate – a must listen for anyone who ever procrastinates (is that everyone?). Timothy Pychyl is a research psychologist in Ottawa and his topic is procrastination. He posts new episodes rarely but there is a large archive. The insights and conversations are fascinating and also practically helpful. He’s very compassionate and not judgemental and just generally excited about his research topic.

    I listen to assorted Buddhist teachers on Dharmaseed. You can subscribe to the feeds of specific teachers if you find one you like.

  38. I’m addicted to podcasts but just haven’t been able to get into any knitting podcasts. I prefer the documentary style of podcasting to interviews or conversations. Production quality is really important to me, too. I used to just listen while out walking, but I’ve gotten so hooked I now listen while cooking and cleaning. I don’t listen and knit, however, because I like to have something else to do with my eyes (does that make sense?), so I watch TV, movies, or read (if I’m knitting stockinette or garter only) while knitting.

    My favorite podcasts are from Radiotopia (www.radiotopia.fm). I second 99% Invisible, Criminal (possibly my favorite), and the Kitchen Sisters, as well as the Memory Palace. I recommend the Memory Palace for short moments of listening, like when you’re running to the store. Lore by Aaron Mahnke (www.lorepodcast.com) is like a longer, creepier Memory Palace.

    Pod Pod Pod is a great way to find new podcasts (podpodpodcast.com). They replay other folks’ podcasts. I discovered The Bright Sessions that way (thebrightsessions.com). I never listen to audio drama or fiction, but I binge-listened to all nine episodes of this.

    You can see how much I love podcasts! Thanks for asking this question. There are great suggestions above–I’ve added a number to my long list already!

  39. My favorites, Woolful, The Fat Squirrel Speaks (video), The Longest Shortest Time, This American Life, Serial (season 1), The Knit Wits (these are all old but very funny husband and wife team) I wish they would record new ones!!!!, Modern Farm Girls, A Slob Comes Clean, Susan B. Anderson (video)

  40. I listen to wonky/creative podcasts often when I’m knitting – I’m in general agreement with the poster who said knitting podcasts aren’t her favorites.

    I’m oldish-school and listen to them on my computer, from their respective web sites. Lately, in addition to some that have already been mentioned (Fresh Air, This American Life, WTF, Design Matters) I like the TED radio hour, nearly anything on BBC 4 and BBC 4 Extra, and a recent discovery, You’re the Expert, which is a strange (and awesome) game show where comedians try to guess and then understand the work of super genius scientists.

  41. I went from NEVER listening to podcasts to listening to podcasts whenever I am in the car. I used to spend commutes talking to my mom on the phone. After she passed away last year, it really helped me to feel like someone was talking to me while I was in the car. Like others, I enjoy Woolful and Pomcast, and I anxiously await them. I enjoy the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin, Stash, and Morning on the Dock as well. I listen to non-knitting podcasts too Surprisingly Awesome, Stuff You Missed In history class, Strangers and Homesteady are some favorites.

  42. Thanks for posting this as I can’t wait to read everyones responses to add to my cue!! Current faves:
    -PomPom Quarterly’s “Pomcast”
    – Woolful
    – Serial (season one was amazing)
    – The Moth
    – This American Life
    – Quiet: The power of introverts
    – The Dirtbag Diaries (if you like outdoors / hiking etc)

  43. I listen to podcasts while I’m out for a walk or cutting out sewing projects or doing something really dull like hand washing all the dishes, because the dishwasher is on the fritz.
    HAVE COMPANY by Marlee Grace: I don’t have enough words to express my love for this podcast. I’ve listened to the Ashley Brown Durand (secret holiday co.) episode a LOT.
    WOOLFUL, obviously.
    HISTORY ON FIRE by Daniele Bolleli is fantastic for those who love ancient history and podcasters with heavy Italian accents.
    JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE was the first podcast I ever heard and is just stunningly brilliant and great for long car trips.

  44. I love this post! It’s great to have all these suggestions. And Karen, I JUST YESTERDAY listened to (and pinned!) your podcast from A Playful Day. It was terrific! Congrats! Looking forward to the new one!

  45. Thanks for all the suggestions! I don’t have a lot of podcast-listening time so this will keep me going for months. I more often listen to non-knitting podcasts, my favourites are Conversations with Richard Fidler and Chat 10 Looks 3.

  46. Thanks to everyone for all those suggestions. I’m a little picky when it comes to podcasts so I tend to save the episodes of Woolful and Nördic Knitting (in Swedish) for when I travel. On an airplane a good podcast and my knitting the time and discomfort is more easily forgotten. I would probably listen to more if I could find more interesting ones that has more substance. Will definitely try some of these.

  47. Two non knitting podcasts that are among my faves are Happier and Hidden Brain. I like that they are short compared to most knitting podcasts and I also like learning more about human behavior and how to influence that.

  48. I just discovered that I could listen to podcasts on my new phone – and so am thrilled with all of these suggestions. I had no idea. :-) I have to go download some right now. Thanks for starting this conversation!

  49. if you like true crime, ‘criminal’ or ‘sword and scale’ are good podcasts. I’ve also just discovered a new podcast called modern love-actors read stories form the modern love column in the NY times, then they interview the person wrote wrote the piece.

  50. Funny to see people saying they hate podcasts but love videocasts (vlogging?) – I listen to podcasts walking around my neighborhood (or sewing or cleaning house), but don’t like video because I can’t really do other stuff at the same time.

    Anyway, I’m sure someone’s mentioned Seamwork Radio, by the people behind Seamwork/Colette Patterns, but if not, I wanted to recommend that one – I’ve enjoyed it very much.

    I also really like Knit British, if you want a window into British yarn/events. The focus is on breed specific, local yarns. Some of the episodes are a little heavy on upcoming British events (that I can’t make it to), but Louise is really engaging, and it’s fun to find out about knitting communities across the pond.

    I miss knit.fm horribly, though.

  51. For knitting: Knitcircus, Teaching Your Brain to Knit, and I used to enjoy the Dark Matter Knits podcast which is now on long-term hiatus. For other topics: Edit Your Life, Slow Home Podcast, and School of Movies. I generally like duo or group podcasts– less hemming and hawing and babbling, I guess. Dark Matter Knits was that rare exception– just one person, but well organized and well paced, probably because the podcaster was a former history professor. I miss it, and I miss knit.fm. Glad I’ve found the other ones, though. :)

  52. I love podcasts!

    What is in my podcast library right now listed in order (more or less) of weekly priority and enthusiasm to listen to: This American Life, Invisibilia, RadioLab, New York Public Library Podcast, Dead Author’s Podcast, Snap Judgement, 99% Invisible, Stuff You Missed In History Class, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Lore, Nerdist, Fresh Air, The Moth, Serial, Stage Dive, Pilot, and Desert Island Discs.

  53. I love podcasts – but I tend to have a lot of train commuting time to listen to them. My favourites are Shinybees, Yarn in the City and CraftLit

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  55. I’m late to reply, but absolutely love podcasts. These days I listen when I’m driving around for work (I work in outpatient hospice so I am always driving from one patient’s home to another). Most of the podcasts I listen to are non-knitting related (many of them are about books and reading, or other general interest stuff). Some of my top favorites are:
    –This American Life
    –Books on the Nightstand
    –The Readers
    –All the Books
    –Pom Pom Pomcast
    –99% Invisible
    –Good Job Brain
    I can never keep up with all the stuff that’s out there, but it’s fun.

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