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Lawsy, what a week this has been — with less internet access and less hot water than I expected! Plus all sorts of exciting Fringe Supply Co. business going on. I hope the blog will be back to regular hours next week, but here’s a mini-Elsewhere for you in the meantime!

– Congrats to Kate Davies on her nuptials. Can’t wait to see pics of her handknit cardigan and his handknit kilt hose, and to hear more about their forthcoming yarn.

– More and more, I feel like there’s a quilt in my future. Pretty obsessed with this one right now.

The myth of the ethical shopper

– Great post from Jen on sewing pattern organization (digital and otherwise)

DIY tassel necklace

Oh, and I finished that little sleeveless turtleneck sweater I’ve been working on. Hoping to get pics soon!


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  1. I have not used the UPAD app described in the sewing pattern organization article, but I do have a great app for knitting, called knitCompanion. It makes keeping track of where you are in multiple knitting patterns a real breeze.

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  3. that “myth of ethical shopper” makes my blood boil! Maybe that’s dramatic, but I’m so frustrated by this pattern in the media that the only valuable contribution is a harsh critique. What happened to nuance? Of course ethical shopping can and should go hand in hand with political activism and strengthening in-country regulations — they’re not mutually exclusive! I also find the dig at “small batch, hemp-woven daisy dukes” particularly bristling and would love to know what brand the author could possibly be talking about because so many small brands are actually doing their cut-and-sew in the States (though yes, I know that there are some sweatshops in garment districts here). I get it that big companies have more resources to put toward self auditing, but fast fashion is what’s pushing the race to the bottom of manufacturing while simultaneously driving throwaway consumerism — how many small or ethically-minded brands are doing that?

  4. I love this DYI tassel necklace, totally trendy and it seems quite easy to make. And a great way to do some stashbusting with my prettiest yarns. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Christine. Life-long Alabamian here. “Lawsey” is Southern for “Lordy” and is often paired with “mercy” to mean “Lord have mercy!” As in, “Lawsey mercy these tomatoes sure are scrumptious!”

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my Tassel DIY! Love this roundup of links and notables. Your blog is a gem! xo

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