The traveling Fringe show

The traveling Fringe show

I know you’re all wondering what’s up with the elusive, highly coveted project bag. Basically, I’m starting to understand in a first-hand way what people mean when they talk about having “supply-chain issues,” but thankfully those issues are nearly all resolved. There are bags stacking up at the factory, waiting for one finishing bit, and I expect to begin shipping them to the first fives stores very, very soon. After which the wait will finally be over! However, one small stack did leave the building, destined for Schaumburg IL, where they’re the centerpiece of a little vignette I’m referring to as “the traveling Fringe show.” Going forward, we’ll be setting up a Fringe display in the booths of some of our fine stockists at shows we aren’t able to attend ourselves, and this weekend is the first iteration. Pictured above, during setup on my desk at the studio, is the array that’s currently on display in The Yarnery’s booth (422-424) at Stitches Midwest, complete with project bags. This is the only place they’re available at the moment, but if you’re not in the Chicago area, don’t despair! Like I said, they’ll begin shipping to stores any day now, and of course I’ll let you know the moment they’re available.

Wherever you are this weekend, I hope it’s a gem! See you next week—

4 thoughts on “The traveling Fringe show

  1. Oh yay! I’ll be sure to pick one up at Stitches. Hopefully they aren’t gone before Saturday! Too bad you won’t be there. It would be so fun to meet a blogging celeb. ;)

  2. Gorgeous!! Too excited!! Is it weird I’m contemplating just using one as a purse? They are so multipurpose. And gone are the days when I don’t have a small project with me 100% of the time anyways..

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