FO Sightings: Lori’s generous hats

FO Sightings: Lori's generous hats

Sorry for my scarcity last week — it was a total rollercoaster of a week, with our house falling through twice before a deal was finally struck. We closed unexpectedly late Thursday afternoon and are suddenly moving tomorrow (yoiks!), after packing and working with the painter all weekend, so it’s been quite a time. But one of the highlights of last week was the appearance in my Instagram feed of these hats by Lori Graham, aka Lori Times Five aka @loritimesfive. The solid ones on the right in the upper photo are Hipster by Tin Can Knits, and they look marvelous, but the ribbed and striped ones are variations on my Stadium Hat (free pattern), and it makes me so happy to see them piling up like that. If you follow Lori, you know her husband is a sea kayaking guide in Southern California, and apparently his coworkers were envious of his handknit hats. Being a knitter of the most generous sort, Lori was happy to oblige. :) Thanks for the vicarious grins, Lori!

In addition to final moving preparations, I’m headed to the factory this afternoon to see how they’re doing on the project bags. Such a week! I promise more news on that once I’ve seen them.


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  1. Congratulations on the house! I hope that you have many, many happy hours of knitting on that porch!

  2. I cannot believe you even have time for ‘us’ what with all the goings on! Congratulations!!!

  3. Lori’s one of my IG all time faves, but somehow I had no idea she had a blog so thank you for this info! Also congrats on the house!! :)

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